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    Wallpaper pattern not lining up!!

    soaking time plays a lot you have to keep the soaking time the same for each drop you can stretch the paper to match depens how much you brush the paper down try to brush the paper across ways so it wont stretch you can stretch the paper but you cannot push it back up the wall try to make...
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    Tiling on wood

    if there is any movement in the wood the tiles will crack off painted or not
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    Wall Issues....

    if its pollytex then i would remove the skirting and use 3/8" plaster board bonded to the wall then refit skirting,
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    Wall Issues....

    i would sand the walls and line them £29 a gallon for smoothover no way
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    wood care

    i would use a brushing wax and then keep on polishing them will look great but wants a lot of work polishing, The trick is to keep buffing up the woodwork once you are happy with the finish & colour of the wood. over time they will look real good
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    The silk will show a lot of brush marks Watch how you lay it off
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    Roof Valley

    zink valleys slate tiles cement is coming away from the edges
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    Damp on sloping ceiling

    First thing i would do is wash the stain with 25% bleach/water to kill the spores, Undercoat the stain and then emulsion the ceiling and see how long it takes to come back, Before i started looking at vents Could be condensation in the room is the plaster hard ? i have worked on a lot...
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    Roof Valley

    The Valley on my roof is leaking Whats a quick way to water proof it Slate tiles, Thanks
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    Floor varnish on doors?

    i dont see why not anything to keep the cost doen,
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    Can I wallpaper over painted walls?

    Sounds ok But Lining the room is much better. use 1000 grade liner .paste it with a roller 7" or 9" not brush much faster. only 3.5 drops down each wall wickes £5 a quad roll 1000 lining paper The job will last you longer to
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    Hall stairs/landing

    Average size hall, Hall with 13 treads up stairs small hall at bottom 3 door landing at top aprox 8-9 rolls 3 drops to the roll with big pattern, should leave a bit for over doors & windows 4 drops with a small pattern, make sure the batch numbers of the rolls are the same 9 foot...
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    How do I remove old masking tape

    Get some turps on a brush Brush it onto the tape leave to sink into the tape. (Aprox 1/2 Hour) keep brushing it onto the tape to make it go soft, pull off as much of the tape as you can. Then use a cloth or scrapper to remove it Hard work best to remove it the same day