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  1. simond

    New boiler - poor flow - total noob question

    Yes, well said ha ha. Is that why you will only find Ideals and Gloworms on new build estates? Because the specifiers selected the best available? Or they went for the cheapest they could find?
  2. simond

    Boiler efficiency in the real world - old WB vs new Intergas

    Interesting about the pump. I’ve fitted an Intergas cheap model for myself and it wouldn’t run from new. I found that the Wilo pump impeller had seized. I took it out and cleaned it of some surface rust and off we went. I can set the ch flow temps low because I fitted the rads, so no...
  3. simond

    Intergas boiler

    I could summarize this latter debate by reminding everyone that there have been lots of bithermic heat exchanger boilers launched since the birth of the combi. Models from Ferroli, Potterton and Worcester I have worked on, and now I hear that Vokera also had one. All these manufacturers...
  4. simond

    Vaillant ecoTEC plus 937 - hot water goes cold when running a bath

    Draining and refilling the system won’t shift much muck. Chuck a dirty shirt in the sink with detergent and it won’t do much. That’s why God invented the powerflush machine. That being said, all Vaillant ecoTECs lunch their diverter valves regularly. One of my customers is on his 3rd in 6...
  5. simond

    New oil combi recommendations

    Worcester Heatslave for me. Grant quite old fashioned by comparison. Gas controls compatible, easy weather compensation. Simple and quick to service. And 7 yrs warranty. 320 engineers on the road. With Grant you are in the hands if subcontractors if there’s a warranty issue. I’m sure...
  6. simond

    Fabdec Excelsior WXI unvented water heater any good?

    We specify mainly Fabdec in my firm. They make cylinders for some other well known manufacturers, they were the manufacturers of the Megaflo in the first decade of production. Furthermore they were the designer and the patent holder for the Megaflo floating baffle. I’m fed up with replacing...
  7. simond

    Worcester 20/25 heatslave not firing

    If it is locking out on the burner control, and the fire valve hasn't now tripped, it could be for a number of other reasons, all to do with the burner. Fuel starvation is commonly to blame if it fails after a period of running.
  8. simond

    Evohome installer wanted in Sussex area?

    We do have a cheaper day rate. If the op wishes to discuss I suggest he calls or emails.
  9. simond

    Worcester 20/25 heatslave not firing

    Nice one Terry. Might be worth adding that it is not uncommon for a fire valve to be fitted rated at 65c. Most boilers require a 90c fire valve, so might be worth checking the brass valve body, where the temp rating is marked.
  10. simond

    Evohome installer wanted in Sussex area?

    Yep. We charge £94 inc vat per hr, to answer your next question. Worth mentioning that under hmrc guidelines, if you get an installer to supply and fit, it's 5% VAT..... So usually not worth buying the bits yourself, as the warranty will not be down to the installer.
  11. simond

    Grant 70/90 Multipass - Leaking

    Multipass isn't a condensing boiler btw. Welding doesn't usually work.
  12. simond

    Worcester + Wave = constantly running pump ??

    The Wave is unique because it can directly control the boiler modulation, no third party non-EMS bus controls can do this. So a Hive (and these have not turned out to be a paragon of reliability) or Nest etc etc cannot possibly achieve the same energy savings. Opentherm was designed many years...
  13. simond

    Oil heating - access through house problem

    I think you have accurately described both potential remedies.
  14. simond

    In the name of efficiency ?

    If it has Evo it is miles ahead of the pack. Just say yes, BCO doesn't understand what they are asking for.
  15. simond

    is 12 years too old? should we replace combi boiler?

    A good example of why a professional opinion is often worth paying for.
  16. simond

    Duct insulation material

    We swap out many warm air units with warm air combis. You have a standard combi boiler of your choice coupled with an air handling unit for the ducted warm air. Many of them have a mixture of rads (in extensions) and warm air. Most nowadays we control with an evohome touchscreen for zoning.
  17. simond

    Anyone got boats qual? Googled it..... was thinking about it last year but decided my waders weren't up to it.
  18. simond

    HRM Wall Star - Has packed up mysteriously...

    Bristol isn't particularly near Norfolk. Did your chap change the oil filters on the service? HRMs are pesky things because they always involve an oil lift and this is a common problem. The non return valve in the oil line can stop working causing air locks, especially if muck gets past the...
  19. simond

    Oil boiler recommendations

    Is this the guy whom used to be a director of HRM boilers?
  20. simond

    Oil boiler recommendations

    I've got an Archie Kidd; but sadly you can't buy one of these any more. Failing that, a Worcester Bosch small Danesmoor is greatly improved over the earlier Camray and will come with 7 or more years warranty if installed by an Accredited Installer.