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    nice friendly bars there,lots of admirers for guys in work/overalls there.
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    Baxi at constant low rate

    nice to hear this new starter doing a gas rate calculation,we all know its the only accurate way to measure gas consumption. yes i have a stop watch but use it when putting money into parking meters so i dont get a parking ticket.
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    worcester 28i junior

    has anyone had excessive noise from these simple little boilers. noise when on heating i think the heat exchanger is partily blocked,its only 3 years old,max. sentinal x200 was added 4 weeks ago but now even more noise. boiler stat is set very low,has correct gas burner pressure,no blockages...
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    pay them lots of money
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    Age old glow worm burners

    bg we love you,keep up the good work. reminds me of the saying,the computer says no.
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    Age old glow worm burners

    use your flue gas analyzer to get accurate idea of what is happening in side combustion chamber. if readings are acceptable its ok. if your fga has a printer print out a report,important as its the only evidence you tested appliance.leave a copy with your work sheet and keep a copy. suggest...
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    tracpipe is a wonderful invention,just remember it needs to be supported in the duct,with clips so access to void at equal intervals will be required. duct ventilation is also required any gas installer will be able to refer to their refference material. tracpipe needs to be installed as per...
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    Gas Cooker Installation

    probaly very you have makers instructions for cooker,dimensions are mentioned there. your new cooker needs to be fitted to these instructions and not to any other instructions. sorry but thats life now in the gas world.
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    worcester 24 cdi.noise.

    worcester 24 cdi.any one had this combi make a loud screeching noise when hot water tap is turned on.heating is noise free. noise seems to start from the diverter valve,its a love job for a relation,i just want to get in and out fast. thanks.
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    Gloworm Ultimate 40FF Blows PCB Fuse

    try this first.....gas valve could be the culprit.test by pulling gas valve lead off pcb,start ignition process you should hear fan running and electrode sparking.if fuse stays good confirm by reconnecting gas valve lead and if fuse blows its the gas valve. ps work safely with electrics.
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    potterton profile 60e

    ok i have found the wheel tappers and shunters,will that do.
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    Flushing a sealed system

    i use fernox f2 superconcentrate noise silencer.£16.00. much easyier to dose your system,dose via a radiator or via filling loop hose useing a standard sealant applicator gun. £1.00. its a lot quicker and little chance of spilling water. see click products then repair products...
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    Combi with good DHW rate

    an unvented cylinder would suit your needs linked to a decent boiler. hi output combis are not my favourite boilers. good luck.
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    Ferrous Oxide Mark on Carpet

    better still,drink the white wine.if you want help to do that let me know. ok.i use 1001 mousse carpet and upholstery cleaner, then i vacuum the area just to get some air to circulate through it,speeds up drying time.always keep 1 liter of it in van.tesco etc sell it.
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    can you see a name badge on gas fire/data label,anything that will identify your fire. look in lots of baxi boiler fire fronts there.
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    Favorite boilers??

    vaillant make decent boilers.but get vaillant service contract for repairs and service,quiet complex boilers and diy is not reccomended.
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    universal case seal

    does anyone know if a universal case seal is available for gas boilers. thanks.
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    Potty Housewarmer

    sealed system ok if boiler gc number is 4459018/9 housewarmer 45/55 fully pumped only,i found a gravity system on a sealed system last year,yes it was a diy effort but worked on a low boiler stat setting. see installation instructions are there.
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    rad valve extension product code 201950 20mm extension. 201952 30mm 201954 40mm
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    leaking baxi barcelona.

    yes it was the lower return manifold dripping,to save them some money i used sentinal internal leak sealer and now no more leaks,dried out fan and renewed door seals. checked it yesterday and all still dry.