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    Unvented cylinder install

    Thank you for your reply. Indeed I am looking for someone G3 registered. However, I believe the qualification is most likely to be held by a Person installing boilers/CH systems hence my post requesting a Gas safe registered engineer.
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    Unvented cylinder install

    Hi? Any registered gas engineers able to install an unvented cylinder/convert gravity system in Camberley, Surrey? looking to get the work done ASAP Harry
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    Abacus 6R

    Hi Guys, What is the process for removing a abacus alarm LED keypad from the wall when decorating, I can remove the pir sensors by just entering user code when sensor goes into tamper but unsure how to deal with keypad. Harry
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    CCTV Dome camera compatibility

    Hi Secureiam, I was thinking the Annke product may be supplied by Hikvision as the external dimensions are identical and the units look the same. Many thanks for your input.
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    CCTV Dome camera compatibility

    Hi, I am purchasing a Annke CCTV system with Dome IP cameras. Annke do not have the mount junction boxes that the dome camera can fix onto (to hide cables). The Hikovision DS-2CC51D3S camera looks to be exactly the same dimensions and uses the DS-1280ZJ-DM18 junction box. I was wondering if the...
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    Help to find this tool

    Maybe a bit late but Toolstation sell them:
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    Double glazed pic window gasket

    Hi Crank39, It's the Wedge type of Gaskets. The gaskets are outside.
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    Double glazed pic window gasket

    Hi, Thread title should read PVC window! When replacing the gasket when fitting window, is it best to cut into four pieces and taper the ends or use 1 piece (as most window installers seem to do)? When using 1 piece it does not appear to fit well into the corners. Obviously I would like to fit...
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    Remove taps from a mixer block

    The three levers on each of the tap covers will screw off and there will be grubs screws underneath that need to be undone before the cover can be removed. Harry
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    Hi Kirkgas, my email is [email protected] be grateful for manual Thanks Harry

    Hi Kirkgas, my email is [email protected] be grateful for manual Thanks Harry
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    Help Identifying Mixer Shower

    Hi, Does anyone know who the manufacturer is of this Thermostatic mixer shower? need to get a Thermostatic Cartridge. Thanks Harry
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    Immersion heater

    RCD checks for current leaking to earth. although your element is reading the correct resistance, the element is leaking current to earth. You can prove this by using a Mega and reading between element casing and one of the terminals i.e. live. You should get a minimum reading greater than 2M...
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    Immersion heater faulty; electric or plumbing to blame?

    I Hope the shower pump supply has been fused down and is not protected via the 20A Immersion supply mcb.
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    Hotpoint wd420p burning smell

    Located overheating to the connector on a black cylinderical component this sits at the rear righthand side of the machine (looks like some sort of suppressor). Where can I locate correct name/part number and price Had a look on various parts lisings on the net but could not find item. Harry
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    How to remove a pump

    I would be careful with those valves, you may find they start to leak. Harry
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    Drain Cock

    Cheers guys just wanted to keep a few in my toolbox. Harry
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    Drain Cock

    thanks for your help. Harry
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    Drain Cock

    Hi can anyone please tell me the washer size for a 15mm drain cock as used on CH systems. Kind Regards Harry