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    Central Heating Drain Cock

    I need to move the existing drain cock for the central heating. I don't want to add it to the radiator as this will not be the lowest point. It will now be located in the attached garage. Can any one tell me if I can use a union hose to take the pipe through the wall and then attach to the...
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    Kitchen Electrics

    I have just completed a kitchen extension and now it needs re wiring. Am i right in thinking that the kitchen sockets need to be on a separate circuit to the rest of the house. Would the kitchen lighting circuit also have to be on a separate circuit to the rest of the house? Finally...
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    Control Panel Unit Wiring

    I'm installing a magnetic door contact on the side door of my garage. The instructions show the red and black wire going to the silver contact and the yellow and blue to be twisted together and go to one of the brass contacts. It then shows that the red and black go to the appropriate...
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    Underfloor heating

    I have laid a new concrete slab in newly extended kitchen. I have decided that I would now like to lay water underfloor heating. The new concrete slab is 4 " thick set on to 100mm insulation & DPM. It looks like the underfloor heating should be layed onto the insulation, does any one know...
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    Unused Boiler

    Hi We have a combi boiler that hasn't been used for 3 years. It is a Vaillant turbomax VUW 242 and has been stored in the house for 3 years but not connected. The boiler is probably about 12 years old. If professionally installed, would it still be OK to use after being left unused for...
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    Paint crazing on new tyrloean

    Hi I've just painted the new tyrolean I have had done following an extension at the side of the house. I'm using Dulux Weathershield Smooth Masonry Paint. 1st coat was diluted 5 parts paint 1 part water as per instructions on tin. I've then applied a further 2 normal coats. However, as...
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    Rockwool Flexi Insulation

    Hi I've got some Rockwool Flexi insulation slabs left over and now need to fill a brick cavity wall that I've had to replace (as bricks were loose) under the bay window. Does anyone know if the flexi insulation can be used between 2 brick walls as the flexi technical data on the Rockwool...
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    Blown Cavity Wall Insulation

    Hi I have had cavity wall insulation installed today. It's the type where they drill the hole and blow it into the cavity. I have a few concerns........ 1 - the contractor didn't seal the air bricks below floor level, but there's no sign of the insulation coming through. I would have...
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    Reinforcement mesh

    Laying a new concrete garage floor with reinforcement mesh. I will need to join 2 pieces of mesh together, can any one tell me the best way of joining them? Thanks.
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    New Concrete Floor

    I'm laying a new concrete floor on Monday to my existing garage. I'm having to hire an "Easy Float" with the extendable handle as I can't get around the sides to finish it off. I'll level the concrete off using battens that I've screwed to the walls, but how long do I leave the concrete...
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    Moisture Resistant Plasterboard

    Just trying to find out whether moisture resistant plasterboard can be skimmed. I'm sure I've read in the past that it can't be. If it can be skimmed, is it OK to use tapered edge as I'm finding it difficult to get square edge? Thanks
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    Garage Floor

    Had another thought on this...... Do you think if I was to fix the reinforcement mesh to the existing slab, then add 65mm of fibre reinforced concrete - this would bond and also withstand the weight of the car? Thanks.
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    Garage Floor

    It seems a shame to have to dig it up as apart from that one small crack, it's solid. Do you think I could add 65mm concrete (with reinforcement mesh) on top of the existing slab?
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    Garage Floor

    We currently have a 100mm concrete garage floor without any DPM. We need to increase the height of the floor to match the driveway (while keeping the slope of the garage floor). The floor needs to be increased by 60mm. The existing floor has a crack running from left to right about a...
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    Insulating a garage floor

    I need to replace a garage floor that has cracked in a few places. I was going to put the DPM in because there's not one there at the moment. We use the garage to keep the washing machine in as well as the car. With this in mind, we were thinking of insulating the garage floor with...
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    Celotex or Rockwool?

    On the plans for our new extension it states to use "250mm Rockwool Quilt 120mm Celotex into Eaves" - does this mean I can use either Rockwool or Celotex, if so what would be the best? Thanks
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    Beam Encasement with Fireline Plasterboard

    I've installed a U beam with timber joists running into either side of the beam. My intentions are to hide the beam in the ceiling area. If I was to use fireline plasterboard on the entire ceiling area of this room (kitchen) would this be classed as encasing the beam. I've also put another U...
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    Block paving step

    I'm constructing a front door step using block paving to match the drive. I have concreted the edging kerbs to form the surround and now need to infill with the paving. The step is approx 4ft x 2ft. Is it best to lay the paving for the step on a concrete/mortar base or on sand the same way...
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    Fireproof Plasterboard

    I've recently knocked through an upstairs external wall into a new extension and fitted a steel beam. Will the plasterboard for the ceiling have to be fireproof to protect the steel as there is no mention of this in the building regs. The kitchen ceiling will have fireproof plasterboard to...
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    Fitting a new garage door

    Thinking of buying a sectional garage door and have been told that I need to fix a timber frame to the steel frame that is supplied with the garage door (meaning between brick wall and supplied steel frame). This will make the width of the overall frame to be 5" either side (3" steel frame &...