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    Heating but no hot water. ATAG IC36 gas combi . . . . . .

    Hi, for the third time in 5 months we've had heating but no hot water. It lasts for a while, say 24 hours, then the hot water returns. We've noticed smaller events too, several times where there is no hot water but returns after a couple of minutes. When it happens the boiler does not show...
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    Small patches of damp on kitchen wall

    Hi, yes the old chimney is open in the loft space so there should be sufficient ventilation. I now suspect cold/moisture bridging through dotdab. But I'm not sure how to fix it.
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    Small patches of damp on kitchen wall

    Hi all, we have small patches of damp on the external wall in the kitchen. It’s in the place where previously the home’s boiler used to be. There is a chimney on the outside which now finishes in the loft space (bungalow). Roof and external brickwork are in good order and the chimney has an air...
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    Is relocating the combi boiler the answer?

    Hello - we live in a bungalow and have quite a decent and sizeable utility room on the side of the house. But it's single skinned and in the winter it's freezing (despite a rad) and we also get damp on two of the walls. Our combi boiler is currently in the loft space. Would relocating it to...
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    Replacing kitchen downlight . . . . . . .

    Hello folks, looking for a replacement for our kitchen downlight as per the photos. Have been in contact with LEDHut who have been hopeless and no help whatsoever, I now understand they are owned by someone new as the previous owners went into administration. Anyway, could you good folks...
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    Repairing cut Xmas lights, can I ?

    Hello, I have these very delicate John Lewis xmas lights where the cable has broken and I want to know if they are repairable as I've only had them 2 years. The label says definitely not but I wanted to run it past you guys before I throw them in the bin. They have broken where the plastic...
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    Why do I find it so difficult to fix things to a wall . . . . . . .

    That was what I planned to do but the cavity is too large, about 50-60mm.
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    Why do I find it so difficult to fix things to a wall . . . . . . .

    Arrrrggghhh . . . . . I'm trying to put up a coat rack wall fixture, just two screws, into what I thought would be plaster board and then brick. I drilled a small pilot hole to find a large cavity so used some B&Q hollow wall plastic plug and screws, "ideal for shelving, curtain rails, wall...
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    Wanting to harvest grey water . . . . . . . . . .

    Hello, I am looking for a solution to harvest grey water from shower and washing machine during the hottest weeks of the year when water butts are empty. We live in a bungalow and would like to be able to tap in to our waste pipes for the shower and washing machine allowing us to use this grey...
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    Gutter joint advice please . . . . . . .

    Hi folks, may I ask for the best repair to this gutter joint for a novice. The gutter joints I find on the web whilst nice and wide to correct my problem they require two wide screws and won't fit on the narrow wooden baton on the fascia. All advice much appreciated. Thankyou. IMG_6640 by...
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