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    Loft Insulation - A Big Con?

    I have debated installing loft insulation...... My house is a 4 bed detached and i pay £100 per month for gas and electric. Joists are 70mm so putting insulation in between joists is futile and impossible as thinnest width i can find is 100mm. And i am not stupid enough to start raising...
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    Mira Power Shower to MIRA Shower Mixer

    Hi Guys, I have a MIRA GO Power Shower installed in a downstairs bathroom. Due to poor pressure upstairs I am contemplating fitting an unvented cylinder to pressurise the whole system. Does anyone know if any of the MIRA Shower Mixers match the plumbing required for the MIRA Power Showers...
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    Punto heater blower - no speed 1 or 2

    Don't know if you resolved this but resistor is located on the blower itself, in passenger footwell. The resistors are a FIAT only part and are not cheap to buy. What I discovered was that the wires and connectors joining to the resistor (with a clip) had actually melted. I therefore...
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    Surrey Flange - Is it Really Essential

    Great advice Rob. Makes good sense. Thanks!!!!
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    Surrey Flange - Is it Really Essential

    The house I have moved into has 2 MIRA shower pumps to feed 2 separate showers. I am now looking to install a shower pump as the bathroom pressure (excluding the MIRA shower) is poor! I also don't currently have a bath but will be installing one so want this to fill quickly. I have considered...
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    Low Water Pressure - Pumping Solutions - Which One

    Thanks for your comment Flameport but I am finding that less and less of the taps that I like are low pressure ones. Also, filling a bath will take ages even if I did have low pressure taps. I had the same system at my previous house with low pressure taps. It was painful......
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    Low Water Pressure - Pumping Solutions - Which One

    Hi Muggles, Thanks for your advice.....most appreciated. Your answer makes sense and I should do it properly, which I agree is Option 3! With reference to my diagram, would the 22mm part of the surrey flange (i.e. the bit which could still capture air) just be connected up to the existing...
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    Low Water Pressure - Pumping Solutions - Which One

    Hi All, Recently moved into a new house which does not have a Bath and has really poor hot water pressure upstairs. The system is gravity fed and the issue arises because of the minimal head between the cold water tanks (in the loft) and the HW Cylinder/taps upstairs. Will be re-doing the...
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    Change old S-trap toilet for modern P trap

    Thanks Both. Putting back the old toilet is NOT an option. Another S trap toilet doesn't give me much choice, plus I want the toilet to sit further back so I have more room....I don't want much now do I lol I think I am going to cut the clay pipe about 30cm underground by first breaking...
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    Change old S-trap toilet for modern P trap

    Hi, I have a late 70's house and I would like to replace the OLD downstairs toilet. The original toilet protrudes into the room a lot and doesn't look great so I removed it. I have a clay soil pipe that drops down vertically for over 1 metre but is a staggering 36cm (centre) from the...
  11. Downstairs toilet

    Downstairs toilet

    Soil pipe is 36cm away from the wall. I need something to convert this to be 7cm away!
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    Tiling onto timber (ie not plywood)

    Correct, I have channeled the concrete and will build a box to surround the pipes and put this in the channel. Yes, channeling tight to a wall. I have sampled this by mixing some adhseive and sticking a small tile to the board both with and without sealant. In both instances it has...
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    Tiling onto timber (ie not plywood)

    Hi, I am moving a radiator and so need to run some additional pipework under the concrete floor (existing pipes in the concrete). I want to box in these pipes and have brought some timber to do this (19mm * 100mm). I was wondering would I be able to tile on top of this timber if I prime...
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    Closed System - Changing radiators

    Hi, I have a closed system with a condensing boiler and pressure vessel in the loft. I would like to change one radiator now (including valves) and then all the rest individually as I decorate the respective bedrooms. Am I correct in thinking that any inhibitor has to be injected into...
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    Bitumen layer coming up with tiles in patches

    Hi everyone, I have ripped up some tiles in my kitchen and this has pulled up the bitumen layer underneath in some places. Under the bitumen is a very sandy screed. Whats best to patch up these areas? Can I just buy bitumen paint and do I have to seal the concrete first? Also, when I...
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    Porcelain tile chipping when cut with brand new wet tile cut

    Hi, I purchased an Erbauer ERB337TCB 750W Tile Saw 230V from Screwfix for £90 to tile my dining room. It seems to be a good bit of kit but it has chipped all the porcelain tiles I have tried to cut. The chips are small but still apparent - please see pic. I have cut ceramic tiles before...
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    Big, stubborn Tree Stump

    SUCCESS! Tree stump is out. I continued to dig round the stump, excavating as much soil as possible. It still appeared solid but I tried my luck and used a 2.4m of timber to leverage it out and low and behold it came loose. I was able to cut a few under roots and then the rootball came...
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    Square start to tiling - HOW? Please

    Hi, I have previously tiled single rooms (I am a diyer and by no means a pro). I am now going to have a go at tiling the downstairs area (kitchen, dining room and hall). This seems a lot more complicated as its a 4 tile pattern. I have marked a line through the rooms concerned. I am...
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    Big, stubborn Tree Stump

    Thanks everyone. Some very useful responses. I will have another go this weekend and let you all know how it went. cheers