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    Securing Mains Cable

    Digging out enough space for a timber plug and cutting one to size sounds like even more effort than drilling/plugging/screwing to the bricks was.
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    Securing Mains Cable

    Yeah. Pretty sure the screws were either 3mm or 3.5mm and the wall plugs were the "yellow" size.
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    Securing Mains Cable

    The nails in cable clips are suppposed to be masonary nails. However, my experiance was that the masonary in my property was not compatible with said nails. The bricks were too hard (the nails bounced off) and the mortar was too soft/powdery to hold anything. I resorted to pulling the nails out...
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    'Safe Zone' created by 'current using equipment' ??

    For an appliance connected to an outlet box by a non-fixed cable, this seems pretty obvious to me, the outlet box is the point, the appliance itself is irrelevant. But what about appliances that are fixed to the wall with the fixed wiring terminated directly? I would agree that interpreting the...
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    FCU or regular plug for Dehumidifier

    I cynically suspect manufacturers who say this are trying to work around the plugs and sockets safety regulations. If they say it is suitable for use on a plug they have to supply it with one fitted, but if they say it is not designed for use on a plug and socket they don't.
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    Battery size to use off peak power?

    What tarrif are you on? Prices will vary slightly with where you are in the country, but with a postcode of SY21 7EF, "Octopus flux" offers 15.25p import/ 5.8p export between 02:00 and 05:00. 35.59p import/ 26.13p export between 16:00 and 19:00. 25.42p import/ 15.81p export the rest of the...
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    3 phase distribution question

    You will need to provide overcurrent protection for the "submains" to the different buildings. I see basically two options. 1. A single 3 phase DB in the outbuilding, this is potentially the neatest soloution, but the issue is that most "normal" 3 phase boards are designed for outgoing devices...
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    Megger vs Insulation tester?

    I picked up a Tenma (Farnell own brand) 72-9400 (appears to be a rebadged uni-t UT501) one at work (A university) some years back so I could check IR on some equipment I was building (any checks that were important would be done by someone else, but I wanted the ability to pre=test stuff...
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    Megger vs Insulation tester?

    Megger are the company who made the first portable insulation test meters, and the term Megger became synonomous with an insulation test meter, in a similar way to the term Hoover became synonymous with vacuum cleaner. However, just as Hoover don't *just* make Vaccum cleaners, megger don't...
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    Junction box/fused spur/socket

    Others may disagree but I'd stick with 2.5 for socket wiring. I doubt the current changes will be the last ones the installation sees.
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    TV Wall Socket Doesn't Appear to be on a RCD Circuit

    Looks like everything is RCD protected.
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    For no RCD protection at all on an installation in a house I'd expect at least. C2 - no RCD protection tor sockets reasonablly expected to supply equipment outdoors. C3- no RCD protection for sockets not reasonably expected to supply equipment outdoors. C3 - no RCD protection for concealed...
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    If you are following the electrical safety councils guidance then, with the possible exception of upper floor flats, no RCD protection at all will likely result in a mix of C2s for some circuits and C3s for others. (I do not know if that is the OP's scenario)
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    How to weatherproof a pre-terminated RJ45 cable? Cable gland that's large enough for plug leaves too much space around cable

    23p each doesn't seem too horrific to me.
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    How to weatherproof a pre-terminated RJ45 cable? Cable gland that's large enough for plug leaves too much space around cable

    My experiance has been if the crimp connector is designed for solid core it works fine. The last load I bought were some TUK brand ones from CPC that said they were compatible with both and I don't recall having any problems with them.
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    How to weatherproof a pre-terminated RJ45 cable? Cable gland that's large enough for plug leaves too much space around cable

    There do exist glands designed for pre-terminated cables, but they seem to be quite a specialist item, not something you can easily find in the local wholesaler. I suspect most would just crimp the connector after passing it through the gland. You can still remove the gland as a whole if you...
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    How old is my cable

    I don't know precisely when they came in, but I've got the impression that printed or embossed markings on cables are a relatively modern thing. I've certainly seen older cables without them.
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    How old is my cable

    I'm not sure when embossing/printing stuff on the outside of flexes started, but I'm pretty sure it was far more recent than the switch to brown/blue for flex.
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    Split-load Switch / RCD flipping down repeatedly

    Fusebox are based in scotland but I'm pretty sure at least the actual protective devices are made in China. When I first looked at them a few years back, they looked a bit shady but they seem to be trying to move up in the world.
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    Help with lighting wiring

    Or when a lobbyist with products to sell gets the ear of a regulator or standards body. The specific regulation only applies to consumer units in domestic premesis. And it gives placing the whole unit in a non-combustible cabinet as an alternative. However, in practice manufacturers have...