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    Concealed Cistern Issues

    The flush is cable operated. I currently have the lid removed, which helped the problem at first. Float doesn't seem to be binding, but onlubhabe access from the front, so not easy to see what's going on. Thanks
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    Concealed Cistern Issues

    We have a relatively new loo, but a problem with the flush. Firstly, the side entry float valve gets stuck down, so after a flush the cistern doesn't refill. If I open the access hatch and touch the top of the float, it springs back and starts filling. This sometimes exposes a second issue...
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    Toilet Basin Vanity Combo - opinion

    We are looking to replace our existing toilet/basin vanity combo, which is looking tired and the wood lacquer is peeling etc. I would like an installer/repairers opinion on this product please. If anybody has installed one or worked on one, perfect, but essentially, my concerns are around what...
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    Panasonic Heat Pump tumble drier

    Thanks both. I had already searched Google by model number. Unfortunately, it's not a popular model. Thanks foxhole for the link and video - will give them a try. I'll take a look in the back first if I can. Have successfully repaired washing machine and dishwasher in the past so if there is...
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    Panasonic Heat Pump tumble drier

    Our 5.5 yr old heat pump drier has stopped working. Drum rotates but machine doesnt warm up or extract water. Wife observed an error code of H86. Panasonic helpdesk useless- put me in touch with the only registered UK service centre in Warrington, who, were not interested in helping me in...
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    Evohome Wiring Issue

    Hi, just invested in an evohome to try and gradually piece together our heath robinson CH system that has been added to over the years. We have a main system (I'll call it the legacy system) with 7 rads upstairs and a thermaskirt system down. This was running off a wireless Honeywell...
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    Oh no, not ANOTHER cold shower?

    I have ordered a new cartridge - £34.99 from Screwfix. I think it must be a popular model/range keeping demand going. I will no doubt be back if it doesnt work. My only doubt was that the valve allowed the pure hot through when the cold was isolated.
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    Oh no, not ANOTHER cold shower?

    Sorry if this is repetition, but I want to make sure I have tested everything I can, before ordering a new part. Thermostatic bar shower (Bristan) on a conventional boiler / vented system. Fed via a pump in the loft. Shower has been getting lukewarm at best recently. Last night I turned off...
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    Re-Painting Cast Iron BBQ Grates

    Hi, we have a gas bbq, with 2 plates on. A flat griddle type and a grill type. Both are heavy and black- but after 10 years of use are going rusty and don't look the best to cook on. I've tried to find paint for repainting these- I seem to be able to find heat resistant paint, but nothing that...
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    Round LED Driver

    implies that the smaller Aurora "product" I linked to, will NOT help due to the high frequency switching. winston says I need a driver... bernard says these are already present in the lamps. So, among the pedantry over terminology (I understand the need for to be accurate, but the product I...
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    Round LED Driver

    Thanks everyone... so a "smaller" (in terms of output) switch mode power supply / "transformer" is not going to help much? I note when looking at LED drivers that they seem to be described as either constant current or constant voltage. Does it matter which type I go for? Found a couple of...
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    How much is your annual Electricity usage. Mine is 5,145 kWhs

    3429kWh, 4 bed detached. Work from home, so kettle boiling every hour and laptop/monitor in use constantly. Induction hob and fan oven. I assume that all other posters are gas central and water heating also? I think we are fairly careful with 'leccy, but not sure about the gas at 15000kWh?!
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    Round LED Driver

    Bernard, thanks. The transformer currently (excuse the pun) in the fitting is the ktb-105: I cannot see specifically if the output is AC or DC. The bulbs are all 12V supplied with 12V from the transformer, so I am guessing I can't simply remove the...
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    Round LED Driver

    We have a couple of ceiling fittings in our lounge which each take 10 x 12V G4 lamps. At 15W each, we decided it best to change to LED. Having done this yesterday - now running 10 x 2W LEDs in each fitting, we are experiencing flicker and occasional flash (off for about 0.5 secs). I noted in...
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    40mm Waste straight internal joint?

    I need to rotate my standpipe in the utility through 90° due to moving my washing machine. However, the I have an elbow which is solvent welded and only an inch or so above the floor. I am worried that once i cut the joint off, I wont have enough to get a good joint onto. Is there an internal...
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    Raising height shed base

    I am reducing the slope of my garden, by adding soil. Probably about 6 inches at one end where there is a shed. I will be replacing the shed with a 7x5 (currently 6x4) Can I build up the existing Base to the right height by adding concrete on top? Break it up and start again? Or bury the old...
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    Raised Decking PRoject

    It sounds about right to me- I have just built a ground level deck frame, but built off two walls. I have used joist hangers between my two ledger boards. My joists are at 400mm centres. There is a good guide here.
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    Raising level of lawn - suitable gradient?

    Our 75m.sq lawn is a mess following building work. There is some "topsoil" and lawn left in places but clay on the surface the area where a new soakaway has been dug in. The garden slopes away from the house at an angle of about 1:18. As we have a nice high DPC on the house we are thinking...
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    PVA on my wall from builder

    So we've had a window put in our wall and the plasterer got a bit enthusiastic with the PVA before he made the opening good. So basically, we are about to decorate and have mainly old paint, some new plaster and some old paint, which has been PVA'd over. What do people advise doing to the...