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    Is damp usually condensation?

    As there's no heating in the room, then you're going to get condensation damp.
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    Insulating single skin utility room

    Hi, back again considering how to achieve this insulation project. I have removed a few pieces of plasterboard near the front doors and unlike the plans suggest (see first post), the wall does not appear to be typical garage construction, single skin breeze block with piers. From the pics and...
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    Insulating Outbuilding Shopping List

    Would you fix the battens into the wall through the glued on insulation? What fixings would you use?
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    Hotpots on warm roof - normal?

    So your assessment might be that it's not ideal but short term no significant damage being caused?
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    Hotpots on warm roof - normal?

    Yes we do. I understand that would be an issue with cold roof, but a well constructed warm roof wouldn't matter would it? I will note that as another cockup from the builders, then... Presumably no fix apart from taking plaster down inside or taking off the roof to refit?
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    Hotpots on warm roof - normal?

    Hi, This is a GRP warm roof built in 2022. In cold weather there are consistently hot spots of melted ice in the locations pictured. Is this expected or does it indicate poor construction? How would you investigate? I had my doubts about the builder expertise with this type of roof tbh, and...
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    Roof without Roof Ties

    What does ‘put right’ mean? I would ask who designed it and whether building regs have approved drawings and been on site.
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    Insulating single skin utility room

    yes it is is sealed. I’ve never opened it up. So in order of least to most disruptive, the options are: 1. Leave tiles in situ, just insulate external walls 2. Remove tiles, SLC, then fit vinyl tile floor to match kitchen 2. Remove tiles, remove screed and fit floating chipboard floor with...
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    Insulating single skin utility room

    Hi, we have an absolutely freezing attached utility room which we would like to insulate to make it more pleasant and economical to heat in the winter months. It is approx 9m x 1.9m internally. Outside is rendered. It has an internal manhole with a sealed/tiled cover (near the front doors)...
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    Building wall panelling over hall way metres, fusebox, stoptap etc

    Hi, In order to create a bit more hall space I want to get rid of this corner cupboard and replace with panelling of some sort, floor to ceiling to hide the meters, stop tap etc ( I don’t need the hooks/coat storage). The plan is then to put coir style matting across the front and carpet the...
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    Neighbour complains that they can overlook;

    55m is a long way. Unless you’re doing something untoward right next to the window for a significant amount of time , it would be impossible to see any details from that distance. Without binoculars, anyway.
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    Combi hot/cold crossover in shower mixer

    Sorry. The issue is tepid/variable water in all the basins and the shower. I got the engineer out as I thought it was a boiler issue. After trying a few things the engineer came to conclusion that there's a crossover in the shower.
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    Combi hot/cold crossover in shower mixer

    He did say the water temp coming out of the boiler was good
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    Combi hot/cold crossover in shower mixer

    Thanks. Should be covered by the investigation the engineer did? He took apart the exchanger as he'd assumed it was kaput. He took the filter out and cleaned that too.
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    Combi hot/cold crossover in shower mixer

    Thanks that's really helpful. Just switch water off at the stop tap?
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    Combi hot/cold crossover in shower mixer

    Is it part of the mixer or could it be anywhere on the pipes leading in?
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    Combi hot/cold crossover in shower mixer

    Hi, a heating engineer came to fix my combi, but ended up concluding that there’s a hot/cold water crossover caused by the thermostatic valve in my shower (he checked the tsps and mixers on all the other basins ). However he ‘only does boilers’ so he didn’t want to touch the shower :rolleyes...
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    Quandary about bathroom

    We put a downstairs loo in our old house and did exactly the same. No issues at all. It kept the noisy w/m out of the extension which was the open plan kitchen / lounger / diner
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    Opening up a fireplace - can I remove these bricks?

    What do you want to do with the fireplace? Have you removed everything under the arch?
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    Door insulation boards...?

    I’d be concerned about damaging/ disfiguring a nice wooden door by sticking stuff to it! Can you do as described in 1 and 4 to prevent draughts, and then add a thermal curtain in front?