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    Replacement mortice lock

    What brand is the one you are replacing?
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    Cant change cyclinder on one of my UPVC french Doors

    An old thread but....... What are you trying to do? The picture is of the frame keeps. If you're trying to change the lock then you want to be looking at the door, not the frame.
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    Patio Door lock broke

    Could be the cam on the cylinder thats broke, or the mechanism - I'd lay bets on the cylinder. The cylinder will need to be destructively removed, but I'm not going to post details on how to do this - plenty of other sources available though if you search. A locksmith would have this removed...
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    Patio Door lock broke

    Is that with just the thumbturn, or have you also tried the key from outside?
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    Patio Door lock broke

    Looks like an ill fitted thumbturn Euro Cylinder. How is the lock broke ?
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    Trying to find a particular mortice lock

    If the lock is on an external door, then it needs replacing with a BS rated model to meet insurance standards. This is likely to require some minor woodworking. The keep (the part that fits into the door frame) will also need changing.
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    sliding patio door new cylinder

    No problem - pays to shop around :wink:
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    sliding patio door new cylinder

    As mentioned above, Regent do a replacement cylinder, but the lock body and handle are no longer made. If you have a search around, you may find it even cheaper.
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    Any Special Deals Anywhere on Purdy Brushes ?

    Check out your local Crown Decorating Centre at the beginning of next month :wink:
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    Garage Door Handle Replacement

    Normally I'd agree with you, but in the case of lost/missing keys - you don't know who has a key, so best to fit a new one with new keys. Note: These are only simple wafer locks, and very easy to defeat - so I'd also look at putting some additional security on the door bottom (garage...
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    Where can i buy a 5 lever deadlock and sashlock keyed alike?

    Your local locksmith will be able to supply a keyed-alike set for you.
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    Garage Door Handle Replacement

    Re-use the plate - its probably held on by a split pin or clip. Take the old one out, measure the spindle length and screw centres - and order away.
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    key snapped in lock

    Have you actually done this to a lock - to me it sounds like a great way to bugger one up. Keveljay has it spot on, and if there isn't a spare key, use a beefy paperclip (or similar) inserted ito the keyway to push the broken key outwards. Just make sure the "teeth" of the key are pointing...
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    Modular clothes storage suppliers

    A couple below that I've used for various customer projects. Hangersat Thedoorstop
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    kitchen water damage quote

    The OP hasn't mentioned materials and finish - what the existing worktop and carcase are. Could be handmade, hardwood, needing bespoke manufacturing and finishing, then fitting, possibly hand painting - so until this is known the £1000 quote is difficult to comment upon.
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    Another jammed mortice lock!

    It may be that the door has swelled due to the weather, and the bolt is binding against the keep. Try pushing/pulling the door whilst turning the key to open the lock - it may need a little force. Also try "wiggling" the key, as it could also be a lever thats stuck and not dropped. Have...
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    Customer not paying bill in full, what can I do

    Before you proceed with the legal proceedings, send her another invoice/reminder, stating a date by which the outstanding balance must be paid. Make it clear that if the balance isn't paid, then you will commence legal proceedings against her for the outstanding balance, interest on the...
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    Cutting floor tiles already stuck on the floor

    Could you fashion a threshold strip to cover the extra tile depth, and hide the transition from carpet to tile?
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    How many Hinge Bolts on Stable Door

    Sashlock on top, and deadlock on bottom is fine - just make sure they are both British Standard rated (kite marked). Have you checked with your insurer to see if they have any specific requirements for stable doors - worth a phone call.
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    Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 over vinyl silk

    Just give the ceiling a light rub with 120 grit to remove the sheen - no need to be rough with it. Dust off, wash down and overpaint with a couple of coats of V/M. Use Zinsser Coverstain or BIN to seal in the water damage first - these are also available in aerosols.