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    ptfe tape

    thanks for the replies. max
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    ptfe tape

    Is it ok to use ptfe tape on olives when putting rad valves on. regards max
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    Am I right in thinking that a Chest or smallish freezer will work ok through the winter months ok in a outside garage.
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    fridge freezer /another question

    I know this question about f/freezers not working in cold garages etc has been on the forum before,but my question is ,can I wrap some insulation blanket or similar stuff round the thermostat that is sited near the compressor,assuming that is where the thermostat is sited,to make it think the...
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    wireless thermostat.

    HI,I have a small bungalow which is heated by a w/bosch 28si11 combi.I have a wall mounted thermostat in my small hallway which does not have a rad in it,relying on heat from other rooms to switch the stat on/off.Most of the rads have trv's.I spend most of my time in my loft which has been...
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    what order to erect a fence

    Thanks for the replys,It looks like either method is ok, starting next week lets hope it not going to rain. regards max
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    bt charges

    I worked for BT and I know that they had some funny ideas regarding charges when I worked for them but your post doesn't make sense.If the D/W has gone faulty because it has been run through a tree thats not the subs fault .If the engineer renews the subs D/W from the pole to repair it...
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    what order to erect a fence

    I intend putting a 50ft fence up using concrete posts and gravel boards with 3ft fence panels..Do I concrete the posts and gravel boards in first and then when the concrete has set follow up with the panels or do I work my way up the garden putting in post ,gravel board and the fence panel as I...
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    Currys Warranty, what a joke

    Would not touch them with a barge pole,part of the DSG group ,pc world,dixons. The tech guys are a joke,they diagnosed a fault on a 5 month old laptop over the phone and told me it was wear and tear.Luckily purchased the l/top with credit card and got Barcly card involved , Currys soon...
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    is my new room stat working correctly

    many thanks for all your replies,the sparks is coming back for another look at the job.
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    is my new room stat working correctly

    many thanks for all your replies,will get the sparks back to see what he can sort out,could be wired wrongly as as been suggested,something definately wrong someware.regards ugj
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    is my new room stat working correctly

    I read someware on the forum that if you have a room stat and trv's on your rads that for the stat to operate correctly the trv's should be turned on fully because of conflict with the stat.When the boiler reaches the temp of the stat it turns off but does not turn itself on again when the temp...
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    is my new room stat working correctly

    The bathroom rad does not have a trv .The property is a smallish bungalow.The stat does have three wires.All other rads have trv and are set fully open.As stated before heating does warm up but when it reaches temp and shuts the boiler down it does not fire the boiler up again when the temp goes...
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    is my new room stat working correctly

    Hi,the stat is a Newlec NLRT room stat.The hallway is very small probably 8ft long with living ,bathroom,kitchen and bedroom doors leading off it.The rad in the bathroom did not have a trv on it and this kept the hallway reasonably warm,The electrician said it would be okay in the hall next to...
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    is my new room stat working correctly

    Hi.I have just had a room stat connected to my central heating.The boiler is a worcester28SiII combi and it runs 6 small rads,4 of them have trv valves.The stat is a Newlec.and is positioned in my hallway which has no rad in it.I have opened all the trv's fully and set the stat to 30.c.The stat...
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    room thermostat

    hi,Is it possible for me to wire up a room thermostat to my boiler,ie has it got to be done under part p etc and am I allowed to connect wiring inside the boiler casing.If this is allowed can you tell me what the connections would be to connect the room thermostat to a Worcester 28si11...
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    cooker hood conversion

    I would like to convert my Firenzi cooker hood from recycling to ducted extraction via a 100mm flat ducting to outside wall.Do I remove the circular carbon filter and the flat filters from the unit when I convert the hood.Also would the Firenzi hood be powerful enough to extract the odours down...
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    It is a bungalow so like you have said it would be wise to upgrade now rather than have problems when a new floor is laid over the now exposed easy to get at wiring.So probably £500 should cover work if everything test ok.Thanks for the replies..
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    While I am having loft converted do your lads think that it would be a good time to have my consumer unit changed for one that is a bit more modern.At present I have a Memera 21 with MCB,s.I will be having a trician for supplying the lights and sockets for the loft also some tidying up of the...