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    Siemens oven: glass window on inner door partially detached

    Hiya, If he's an electrician and not a Whitegoods engineer then you've firstly go the wrong person in to look at the appliance. Get a tube of high temp sealant. Take the door off the appliance. Take the door apart so you can work on the inner door only. Take the glass off, clean off all the...
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    Dpilomat ADP8322 re-programming the circuit board

    Your repairer is talking rot. Whirlpool have always supplied end user pcbs. Blanks were used by Whirlpool engineers who could write the software to them on site. I know because I'm ex Whirlpool
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    Whirlpool dishwasher badged as Diplomat ADP8322

    You don't need a pcb. Don't know who told you you did but it's 99%certain you don't need it. 4 flashes is a drainage failure. Get a kettle, fill it and while it's boiling take out the fine filters in your machine. Once it's boiled, pour it into the sump of the dishwasher getting as much...
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    P.C.B. needed

    Yep, model and serial number would help. Might be able to find the pcb for you then.
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    Dpilomat ADP8322 re-programming the circuit board

    Hiya, ADP8322 is a Whirlpool appliance. What was the original problem? What is the part number of the pcb?
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    whirlpool ADP4501/5 Dishwasher Door Not Closing

    Check the top spray arm pipe is locating properly at the rear of the basket.
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    Whirlpool Dishwasher ADP4500 - starts but will not run

    start light should be flashing. count the flashes.
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    Whirlpool Dishwasher ADP 4500

    3 flashes is a heating fault. NTC, heater or main pcb.
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    Prima LPR 600 dishwasher major problem

    You haven't provided the product number or serial number so have to guess at the age. Continuous flash is a single flash. Single flash is error code F1 which is an NTC fault. NTC regulates the temperature. It's fitted from the underside, twist fit and has two thin blue wires going to it.
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    4 flashes is a draining failure. something stuck in the pump or a blocked drain hose.
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    Bosch Logixx Dishwasher - a few more questions....

    Water hammer is a common fault of the inlet valve. You've pretty well understood how it should work. Take the side panel off and watch whats happening. If you manually activate the pressure switch water should stop, release it and it should take in water again.
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    Bosch Logixx Dishwasher - a few more questions....

    Intermittent heating can be a dry joint at the heater relay on the pcb. However, if there's not enough water, it won't heat. Water level is controlled by the pressure chamber.
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    Whirlpool adp5540 dishwasher not working correctly Please he

    faulty inlet valve, not closing, or faulty main pcb.
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    Bosch Logixx Dishwasher - a few more questions....

    As far as I remember the issue is a lack of water in this machine. If the transfer pipe is clear then the pressure chamber would be the next item to check.
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    Bosch Logixx Dishwasher - a few more questions....

    Its easier if you stick to one thread. We need the enr number to see what appliance you have. If you post the enr number and the fd number I'll be able to look up the exact machine you have. That'll maybe help diagnose the fault.
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    Bosch Logixx Dishwasher - not running full programme

    The metering tank to sump hose will be blocked (if you're lucky it won't have blocked the rest).
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    Dishwasher not Working - Please Help IGNORE

    The alternating valve is fitted between the circulation pump and the pipework feeding the spray arms.
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    Dishwasher CDA INTERGRATED

    Whirlpool machine rebadged. 4 flashes is a draining failure. If it's draining ok then the fault will lie with the water indicator (pressure switch) or main pcb.
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    diplomat integrated dishwasher ADP8322

    Well documented failure. Use the search facility and search for Whirlpool and 4 flashes.
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    Servis M6011 washing machine not working

    Something stuck in the pump?