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    Boiler Flu Regulations?

    Muggles, there isn't any debate,the manufacture over rules everyone on their own appliance
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    gas pipe connector for cooker

    This thread is ancient
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    Notifying Gas Safe of boiler install

    Phone Gas Safe customer services and they will check whether it is done or not
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    Gas meters

    There are better ways to introduce yourself haha
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    Gas meters

    The pressure in my street is less than 75mb The difference between an E6 and a G4 is: And E6 has an E and a 6 in it's name, I'm going to leave you to,work out what a G4 has
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    FGA printout

    Richard what does the cost of calibration have to do with the regs? Why bother with a printer anyway? Either invest in good soft wear that links to iPad etc or take a pic of the screen and email the result to your own file and the customer, easy peasy,
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    Pressure refleif pipe - routing

    You can't drill through a lintel, it could weaken it
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    Pressure refleif pipe - routing

    You can't drill through a lintel, it could weaken it
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    Gas regulations regarding hob to kitchen wall unit spacing

    Agile, apologies if I've misunderstood what you have said, but I think you are saying that the the extractor needs to be 760mm from hob PLUS it needs to have a 50mm gap either side as well? The 50mm step back at each side is only required if the wall unit is less than 460mm from Worktop, if...
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    Gas Meter Move

    No it doesn't, as long as it is joined properly to the steel and adequately supported, your kitchen fitter is talking mince
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    useless scot

    I'm just waiting on the SNP and YES campaign blaming Westminster
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    best route for circs

    Hope you can see this
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    Where you can cut joists for pipes
  14. Bs6891


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    best route for circs

    Sorry, but the advice of just take the easiest route might not be correct, there are detailed explanations and dimensions of where joists can and more importantly cannot be cut, I know 99% of those fitting rad pipes will ignore or not even know of the regs but they are there just the same! it's...
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    Calling Kirkgas!!

    Email me on [email protected] and I will give you contact names and numbers and you can see what suits you, price and timescale wise
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    Calling Kirkgas!!

    Richard, I hear you are looking for me for met1? Haven't been on here for ages as I had a prob logging in, but someone messages me so here I am I don't work in that Paisley place any more, they have changed names so maybe that's why you couldn't get them, I can get you a price for centres in...
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    I am so glad that Mrs Thatcher..............................

    reading this thread has been very informative, but to be honest i hate all politicians, they are all lying scum so why are we surprised when things go wrong? one group is just as bad as the other and simply blame the outgoing mob for the mess they make trying to fix it
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    Buying a new gas cooker

    POOR ADVICE to the OP, dont listen to this idiot, the new cooker needs to be commissioned and confirmed as safe, check online at instructions for cookers, some only need a 5mm gap at either side, and arent 600mm wide to start with