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    Cracked grub screw in toilet turn knob door handle

    Hi, Maybe a basic question but any idea how to remove this cracked grub screw? I can’t find a way of getting it out. This is preventing me from removing the door handle. I’ve tried a few Allan/hex keys and a smaller key whilst packing in round it. Nothing has worked. Many thanks
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    Removing 1000l expansion vessel

    Hi, We have a domestic 1000L expansion vessel that has failed and needs removing. It has been drained of all water and has been isolated from the mains water. The door frame is too narrow to remove the vessel unless we take off the architrave and frame. Would an angle grinder be possible to...
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    Replace slave door euro cylinder

    Hi I’ve replaced Euro Cylinders before, but in my new house the French doors have a central pillar attached to the slave door that isn’t screwed in on the side. Therefore I’ve not been able to remove this pillar yet in order to replace the cylinder. I’ve attached pictures of the top and bottom...
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    Domestic Property 1000 Litre Cold Water Pressure Tank

    Hi We've moved into a property that has a 1000 Litre vertical cold water pressure tank. To me this seems like over kill. It is a 6 bedroom property but we are quite conservative with usage and only have 2 small children at the moment. I'm looking for a few things. - How often should...