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    Any thoughts on this extension roof design?

    Hello all, Getting an single storey extension done at the moment but first floor balcony is restricting the height of the lean to glass roof. I have attached a photo to show the balcony. The latest designing thinking is to utilise the balcony as part of the roof so we have part roof part...
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    Neighbour refuse access

    Hi All, Got a funny neighbour who first objected our planning application and now refused when I ask for access to finish the extension wall which is sitting on my side of the boundary. She emailed and said:” I do not give you permission to remove my fence” after I offered to address all of...
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    How close to the fence can I build extension?

    Hi all, We’re building our 3m single storey extension under permitted development at the moment. Couldn’t get PWA with one of the neighbours so will have to build within our boundary. Could someone please advise if there are rules about how close to neighbours fence you could build extension...
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    Replace traditional garage door with a wooded garage door with window panels

    Hello, I live in a townhouse with internal garage and I'm looking to replace my garage door with a wooden garage door with window panels. Do I need to get planning permission? I know this does not change the footage of the property so technically would not require planning but the style of the...