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    Architect costs

    Hi all, Just after some advice please. Based in Yorkshire and have recently moved into a house that we want to do some work on. Looking to add a bathroom and bedroom above a flat roof garage and 4m single storey extension off the kitchen. Also going to increase the length of the living room by...
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    Future proofing a boiler

    Hi, We've just moved into a 4 bed / 1 bath detached house. The combi boiler is around 8 years old, it's working but when our friend who is a gas engineer serviced it recently he believes there is a problem with the heat exchanger. We're looking to extend the house in the near future, extending...
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    Advice on Hive units

    Hi, Looking at purchasing a Hive unit during the Black Friday sales. House currently has a Combi boiler (Ideal Logic) installed but it's more than likely we will be doing some renovations and possibly adding an en-suite or 2nd bathroom in the future. At this point I imagine we will end up with...