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    Vaillant boiler removal.

    Hi All. I have bought an ex council house and it has a fairly new Vaillant eco tec pro 28. I have had a gas safe plumber in to reroute the pipe work as the wall is being removed where the boiler currently is. That's all been done however neither my plumber, myself, or anyone else who has...
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    Honeywell alarm reset

    Hi all. Does anyone know how to reset the engineer code on a honeywell control panel? One of my customers has one fitted and after having the house decorated can't get the tamper to reset. It requires an engineer code which they don't have. I usually install texecom which has the master reset...
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    Gjd 040 expansion unit operation upon alarm activation.

    I am trying to get a GJD 040 4 zone expansion unit to operate the flood lights on alarm activation. I have connected a relay and diodes as per the diagram but I can't get the lights to operate when the bell goes off. Can someone please advise. Thank you.
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    Texecom ricochet range /distance.

    Does any one know the distance of the ricochet system I understand about the mesh technology but it doesn't really help in this case as I have one outbuilding around 60m direct line away from the receiver. The existing alarm is a texecom premier elite 24 wired. I am intending to add a...
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    How to connect a Texecom premier elite 24 to a GJD 040 lighting relay

    Can anyone please advise how I connect a texecom alarm to a GJD 040 expansion module to bring exterior lights on when the alarm sounds. I am hoping to use a texecom veritas r8+ Or a texecom premier elite 24. Thanks to anyone in advance.
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    Texecom premier elite 24 wiring

    Hi. I know that there seasoned installers are probably flicking their eyes to the ceiling at a novis posting questions about such things. I have installed a Texecom premier elite 24 control panel with a wired 8 zone expander + a ricochet 8 zone expander. The other PIR's go to the elite 24...