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    Feed for a bath

    At present we just have a shower that is fed by a pump. We want to put in a bath. Where do we take the water feed from. a) the pipes before the pump b) the pipes after the pump c) it doesn't matter, whichever is easiest. Thanks.
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    extension lead problem

    Have a reciprocating saw which i wanted to use at the bottom of the garden to cut up some logs. The saw works fine when plugged in the house, The extension cable I have to use to reach the bottom of the garden (one desigend for use outside) works fine on all other electrical equipment (shredder...
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    Radiator shelves

    When putting a shelf above a radiator , is there a minimum height to put it above the radiator? Also what about depth of the shelf compared to the depth of the radiator? Is there some sort of formula where height depnds on depth etc? Any help please, as I would like to put a shelf above our...
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    Do any members have any experience with Uretek. It is used for underpinning. Reason I ask is we are considering buying a house that has been completely underpinned by the Uretek method and wondered what peoples comments are about this. e.g. "Don't touch it with a barge pole" or "Safe as...
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    Scratched glass

    We have a window with scratches on (were there when we moved in). I know you can can scratches out of some plastics with abrasive cleaners. Is there a way I can 'polish' the scratches out of the glass? Cheers.
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    Scale insect

    Any help on getting rid of scale insect on a Bay bush - I would like to be able to use the leaves after treatment so can't use standard insecticides. Thanks
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    Any advice on getting rid of greenfly/aphids on herbs? I don't want to use chemicals as I would like to use the herbs. I have heard that spraying with soapy water will do it. Why soapy water? and will that affect the growth/taste of the herbs? Thanks.
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    Plant for shade

    Does anyone know of a good container plant (either flowering or good leaf structure) that is good to put outside the North side of the house? It will only get an hour or so of sun at the end of the day.
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    Removing plastic wall tiles

    Hi, I have a bathroom with plastic wall tiles (Neken) in the shower area. Has anyone got any advice on removing them please. E.g. are they easy to remove? How do I remove them?