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    Retiling Shower Room

    I did put tile straight onto plasterboard a while back (daughter's new bathroom)but only after giving it a couple of coats of Marpei sealer,see here:- I don't know what is in it but it seems to work and Marpei generally know what they...
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    Retiling Shower Room

    Sadly I have to say that whoever did the job in the first place did not have the necessary skills because this should be happening. Are the "walls" solid masonary with the usual plaster covering or are they so called stud walls:- plasterboard on a timber frame. If they are the first kind, was is...
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    Is it safe to use a metal light switch faceplate on a non-RCD protected circuit?

    I find this all very strange, lots of folk use metal faced light switches, they are everywhere these days and perfectly safe unless seriously interfered, which the average child would be incapable of unless he were to set about using a hammer with all of his might. It's true that "only half" of...
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    Grubby marks on Laundry

    A cure for those small grubby black/brown marks on laundry. I know lots of folk have this problem and it is almost certainly from an accumulation of mould in the front rubber seal of the washing machine due to the use of low temperature liquids which contain no bleaching agents. When I finally...
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    Silicone around bath

    Last three baths I installed I did not use silicone at all having discovered a few years ago a much better method. The inventor actually one prizes a few years ago and the product is called teleseal have a look here:- . Not as cheap as silicone but the first oneI did was...
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    Grout issue - advice needed

    In the last three houses of my own that I worked on, I treated the grout with a special spray on sealer which will avoid most grout problems in my experience. There are quite a few on the market these days but I still believe "LTP" to be the best even if it is a little expensive. Recently had...
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    New build tv aerial

    I know nothing but arriving at our newly bought house three yrs ago soon discovered that it was rigged with all manner of cabling and boxes to operate the dreaded "Sky". I ain't paying for that of course so soon discovered an ancient loft ariel of unwritten capacity which one of our three...
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    Calculating lighting for garage

    I would recommend an LED strip light or two. They are very bright (upwards of 1000 lumens) and come in various lengths and use very little power. E.g. TLC electrical sells two - one at about 1100 mm and the other just over 1400 mm., but I expect there are others out there.
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    Noisy wipers (Skoda Fabia & others)

    I seem to have finally solved the problem (chattering and squeaking):- Finally got some Lidl W5 all purpose cleaner (better than Flash in my experience) made up 8:1 solution and with an old but clean dish towel gave both screens and all wiper blades a thorough scrub. Quite surprised how black it...
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    Noisy Hotpoint (and others) Tumble Dryer

    Just finished the repair and thanks to Paul of (sent him a fiver). This dryer (TCM580) is only 4.5 yrs old but began making an annoying high pitched whirring noise from time to time. Eventually realised that it was coming from the small Chinese drain pump low down at the back...
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    Anti-vaxxers don't want you to read this. **Links are required for all claims**

    7 day average is 141 deaths per the government - more than twice as many as a year ago, again according to the government's site. Not sure if that is a reliable "source" as they often lie to the population. Remember back last year we were told that the vaccine was 94% efficaceous by some expert...
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    Power end off - but nothing got triggered

    Maybe it was just a power cut or two or even three. Last year we had two power cuts in quick succession for about twenty minutes and as you say, none of the MCB's or RCD's flicked off - because it was the local switch gear messing about not my consumer unit.
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    Radiator valves stuck

    In the several houses that I have owned, it's the bathroom rads which often fail to heat and it's nearly always because the have become filled with air. I mean, have you seriously opened the air bleed valve at the top until water comes out?
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    Anti-vaxxers don't want you to read this. **Links are required for all claims**

    Problem with all these so called vaccines is that the viruses keep mutating (variants they call them). It's the same reason why we keep getting colds and some are worse than others as you may have noticed. You are not getting the same cold as you had last time, it's just a new mutation. Many...
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    Help with painting doors/skirting boards

    1. Wash with a good quality all purpose cleaner - Lidl W5 is one of the better ones. 2. Rub all over the old finish with 120 grit paper, paying particular attention to mouldings. 3. Fill any cracks or small holes with decoraters caulk and smooth it down with a finger dipped in soapy water. 4...
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    Help! I’ve ruined my table…

    Never heard of it but I have always had great success with good quality Danish oils - see my restored tea trolley in projects.
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    Restoration of 1920's tea trolly

    Here ya go, must admit to a little pride:-
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    Restoration of 1920's tea trolly

    Well it doesn't sound much but this one was quite elaborate - solid oak and complex lathe turned legs. When I got given it, the top was split, all the joints were lose and the finish was virtually non-existant and stained in several places. The wheels were ceramic but obviously in need of...
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    UPVC multipoint roller replacement

    Can't do pictures but the cam rollers do have slots across them which would accommodate a large flat blade screwdriver as far as I can see. I am loathe to try unscrewing the damaged one without knowing if I can obtain a replacement.
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    Any ideas on how to stop this roof leak

    Most house roofs are not "water proof" but that doesn't matter as long as they are rain proof and that means when it is lashing down and blowing a gale. Which is why most roofs in this country are well sloped and the tiles or slates overlap by several inches. However we all know that there a...