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  1. gaspro1981

    worcester 28i junior water problem

    Do you think the labour cost is fair :roll:
  2. gaspro1981

    Worcester 18Ri pump overrun issue

    You need to be checking the voltages on the live return connection (LR) on the boiler Pcb only do this if you have the necessary equipment and can work safely and competently Do not remove the boiler cover as this is part of its casing and if compromised can cause serious complications. You...
  3. gaspro1981

    Worcester 18Ri pump overrun issue

    Just the pump runs and nothing else ? Boiler Not firing ?
  4. gaspro1981

    Worcester 18Ri pump overrun issue

    3 port or 2 port valves ?
  5. gaspro1981

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 25si

    Preheat activated with a sticky or faffed diverter
  6. gaspro1981


    There is your answer if he's as good as you make out then pay him the dollar
  7. gaspro1981

    Baxi 105he combi 80degrees flashing.

    May just be a primary thermistor fault, if not it's gonna be a pcb
  8. gaspro1981

    Tool for removing bath tap top

    Oh dear :roll: Take the tap head off so that the shroud can be removed Pictures also will help :wink:
  9. gaspro1981

    An unusual timer problem Worcester Greenstar Jr 24i

    There is a batch of dodgy mt10's doing the rounds
  10. gaspro1981

    Charnwood, good wishes mate.

    Wishing you all the best pal, really hope there's a positive outcome after the chemo
  11. gaspro1981

    Gas Boiler not firing up

    It's a possibility
  12. gaspro1981

    Y plan with 6 core and 5 core valves

    Are you sure boilerman2 :wink: :D :D :D
  13. gaspro1981

    boiler timer or thermostat help please

    Have u got a gravity hw pumped central htg set up ??
  14. gaspro1981

    24v thermostat

    Can't be done fella
  15. gaspro1981

    What is this called ?

    It's a drain off cock a standard spanner and hose pipe will suffice :lol:
  16. gaspro1981

    Help Topping Up Boiler Pressure

    Either crappy mcw pressure or a kazumped check valve :lol:
  17. gaspro1981

    Icon T boiler - how to adjust pressure?

    U will need to start looking for a filling loop away from the boiler trace/follow the cold water main until you find it
  18. gaspro1981

    Constant overflowing indirect hotwater cylinder

    Do you have any mixer taps/showers ?