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    Glow worm pcb for sale

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    pc trouble

    I have Norton antivirus and internet security, not too sure if it scans on boot up though.
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    pc trouble

    When I boot up my pc in the morning it loads up ok but is really slow to load up things like internet explorer or documents or anything really, you can click on something but it might take minutes to load the programe, this does improve as you do more on the pc, is there anything I can do, I...
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    trouble with new sky box

    Since we upgraded to sky + we have been having intermittent trouble. When I turn the tv on it sometimes stays blank and has hdmi in the top left corner, I then have to fiddle with the tv remote for ages before the sky home screen pops up. This also happens if I play a dvd, when we try to put...
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    Kane analyser bag wanted

    Hi, I have sent you an email, Kev.
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    Kane analyser bag wanted

    Will have a look ta, Kev.
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    Kane analyser bag wanted

    Hi, anyone got the soft carry case or bag for a Kane 425 or similar ?, willing to pay a bit plus postage, thanks, Kev.
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    A Question For 'CIDER'

    In my experience a Cyltrol valve will give you a degree of control over the domestic hot water temp, though a 'heat-sink' radiator would need to be incorporated into the primary pipe loop as well, ie a radiator that cannot be turned off. This radiator will then take the heat that would have gone...
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    Kids tv show from late 60's, early 70's

    I was telling my kids about a show that used to be on in the late 60' or early 70's, it was on at lunch time as far as I remember and was about 2 dogs who met up every day and set off off for an adventure around the town where they lived. I seem to remember that at least one of them lived in a...
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    Vibrating pressure gauge on Ideal ICOS HE15

    Could it be that you have thermostatic radiator valves on all rads, and the guage is vibrating only when the system is hot and the trv's are closed or closing down ? If that is the case then one radiator should have no thermostatic valve on it to ensure that the pump always has somewhere to...
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    Glow Worm Micron 60ff parts for sale

    The fan has sold so only the pcb is left now.
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    rcd fuse spurs

    I am selling some rcd fuse spur outlets on ebay, no reserve, there are 5 in all. .......................
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    Glow Worm Micron 60ff parts for sale

    Hi, I have a new fan and pcb for this boiler plus a few other bits and pieces for sale on Ebay if anyone would like to take a look, Kev. .......................
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    Microsoft Word

    When I type the word "heart" whatever I do next, spce bar, return etc, the word heart disapears and a small box takes its place, how do I correct this ?, thanks, Kev.
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    Suspect pump?

    From the posts it looks like they are all trv's and no auto bypass.
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    Suspect pump?

    Could it be that all the rads have thermostatic rad valves fitted where one rad should be permanently on ?,if they all shut down due to the temperature being achieved then the pump has nowhere to send excess heat from the boiler.
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    indesit wia121

    Hi, my machine is about 2 years old and when it spins the drum has started really shaking about, like its out of balance. The springs and dampers are still attached and the bearing has no play and sounds ok. Is it possible that the springs and or dampers have lost their strength and are...
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    Help fitting closed coupled toilet

    When I said to cover it in plastic or tile it I was assuming that the walls would have some sort of water proof covering ( plastic or tiles). Nothing to stop you plasterboarding it and plastering it, but unless you are painting the walls this is not the way I would go. Plastic such as pvc...
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    Help fitting closed coupled toilet

    What I have done many times is to make a box to make up the diference from the back of the cistern to the wall and cover it in white plastic or tile it, depending on your finished wall surface, doing this means that you can use the drain in the place it is.
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    So.... how can I connect this...

    These are good, you can get them with the waste connector straight instead of right angled into the pan connector too.