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    Anyone In London Looking For Work? Easy Job - Pay Cash

    Hi I just need a radiator fitted in one of our upstairs bedrooms - we would need to run new pipework and drain the system what should i expect to pay and is anyone available to do the job? We live in north london
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    Dulux Non Trade Weathershield Or Leyland Flexible Gloss

    The only satin exterior paint for wood I could get hold of was Dulux weathershield satin This was not the trade paint and I am a bit hesitant to use it The other alternative is to use Leyland flexible gloss which is a trade paint and should be good quality Which one would perform...
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    Satinwood Paint For Exterior Use

    Having looked at leyland and wickes the satinwood paint is not suitable for exterior use - Does this mean I need to use gloss paint? Can anyone point to satinwood paints at toolstation or screfix or wickes that can be used externally?
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    Toolstation SatinWood Paint

    Has anyone used this paint before? Flag Trade Eggshell 2.5Ltr - I am looking for a satinwood paint suitable for painting exterior wooden windows and I dont really want to pay for Dulux Can anyone...
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    Painting Exterior Of House In Satin

    Hi I used satin inside our house and was very happy with the results I actually used Wickes Satinwood and was impressed with the results I am now going to paint the outside of the house and I am unsure whether to use gloss or satinwood for the woodwork and windows In peoples...
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    Sealing External Brickwork

    The weather is nice and people are getting outside of their houses painted! I want to seal my brickwork and I have decided that one the following two products are suitable Waterseal or Feb Silicon I have read the technical data but I really do not know when to use the Feb Silicon. It...
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    Reused Second Hand Materials - Thoughts

    Hi As a follow up to a seperate thread I wanted to know to what extent it is possible to buy second hand steel beams and wood Suppose I was doing some carpentry in the loft - Could I not source floor joists from here Does anyone...
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    Are acro props easy and safe to use?

    Seriously folks - Do you just jack it up and away you go? Is there any chance of the first floor caving in when using them? Can I ask BC to inspect the acro props before I remove a load bearing wall?
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    50% Area For Permitted Development

    Does anyone know whether you should take into account the front area of the house when working out how much of the 50% has been used?
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    Gas Explosion Caused By DIY JOb

    Suprised no one has posted this Would this have happened if combustion chamber was open to all? It sounds like he was adding a radiator which caused the explosion - Are radiators that pressurised? I was going to add a...
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    Has Anyone Submitted Larger Extension Applications

    I am thinking of submitting one - anyone know what exactly is required?
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    Concrete Prices And Whether To Get It Pumped

    Just had a quote of £80 a cubic metre for concrete. Thats a bit better then some of the other quotes which were 100 to 120 This is for C20 concrete which I am told is fine for two storey extensions My question is how can i check that the company is supplying proper concrete and it has...
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    Door Entry Systems With Different Brands

    I have a glenway black and white 4 wire door entry system We want to add another phone so we can see who is at the doot from upstairs Can I use any other branded 4 wire door entry system?
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    Any Good Reason For Keeping Chimney On Detached House?

    It just occured to me that I could remove the whole chimney top to bottom on my detached house Its a bit late because all the rooms have been decorated and I know its a messy job But I wanted to ask why any detached house would hold on to chimneys these days when there is central heating...
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    Plans For Loft Conversion - Any Drawers Out There

    We have a loft conversion in mind and pretty much know how it should look. Can anyone reccomend someone to prepare plans in council format so that they can be approved. We are adding a dormer I came across these guys But I d prefer to...
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    Removing Whole Chimney Stack

    I live in a detached house - There is a chimney which runs from top to bottom I am thinking or removing the chimney to add a bit more space. Does this need building control involved and will they ask for SE calcs? I intend to remove the whole chimney from top to bottom and then add a...
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    Conservatory Versus Extension To Get Bigger Space

    Take a look at this for example I am quite sure that this would be classed as a conservatory because it has 50% side windows and 75% roof made from glass. If I was to build a 10 metre...
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    How Hard Is A Loft Conversion DIY Style

    This is a serious question - How hard is it for a DIY loft conversion if you have friends who can help with some of the labouring work. Is a single storey extension harder or easier then a loft conversion? Am I right in thinking that the steps are 1) Structual Engineer 2) Install...
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    Doing Two Lofts / Single Storey Extensions At Same Time

    I wondered whether there would be a substancial saving to a loft conversion project if both myself and our neighbour carried one out at the same time? Both properties are detached and they have an identical layout internally I would think that there would quite a saving because scaffolding...
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    Leaking Cast Iron Guttering Repair

    Our cast iron guttering is leaking in a few places - We have tried using gutter repair sealant which has helped but it is not a waterlight seal - We have also used black duct tape on the inside of the gutter as well but the leak still exists Is there anything else we can use - Something...