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  1. Nightsky224

    Removing caps of mixer tap

    asked husband to sort out new washer as we have a dripping tap in the bathroom. However fallen at the first hurdle, he can’t get the caps of at the side. There are no screws, he’s unable to twist??? Any ideas?
  2. Nightsky224

    Microwave - No power (not fuse) repariable?

    We bought our microwave about 5 years ago for £70ish Used this morning but then this afternoon noticed the display was blank. No power at all. Have changed the fuse but no luck This is the one if it makes a difference
  3. Nightsky224

    Removing Cupboard/built in fridge freezer - what tools needed?

    Our kitchen is about 12 years old (we moved in 5 years ago) they fitted as part of the extension and bits are not done very well but we want to make it last a few more years. We are about to have the floor re sanded but before we do that we want to tackle the space our fridge freezer is in...
  4. Nightsky224

    Sanding wooden floors - Is commercial lacquer needed?

    Oak flooring in our kitchen and hall needs to be sanded and lacquered. I would love to do it ourselves but with 2 young children in the house and very limited DIY skills I think we may regret it. One question I have is should we upgrade to commercial lacquer ,is worth it. The flooring guy...
  5. Nightsky224

    Shower Pump has started pulsating any ideas

    We had our bathroom refitted 3 years ago. We had a Stuart Turner showermate eco 1.5 bar twin fitted. It has been great, no problems but this morning we turn it on and it seems to pulsate (on off on off in quick bursts) This happens with both the showerhead thats fixed to the wall and with the...