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    Damp - Should I do anything?

    First things first: you need an Expert Witness surveyor - there are far too many deficiencies showing for going much further on this forum. Much of what you show is not DIY work. Why an Expert Witness surveyor? Because knowing that freeholders are excellent at wriggling out of expensive remedial...
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    Back boiler remova

    OP, Why is the water jacket still in place? The flue needs sweeping, probably with flails - its a must. The remnants of a hearth might be above a hearth fender wall filled with soil - you would need to open it up to expose whats below? Whats your final purpose in doing this chimney breast work?
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    Damp - Should I do anything?

    Pics of the outside wall(s) would help? You might also have a roof/ eaves leak - go in the loft & investigate. Is the chimney breast on an outside wall or a party wall? The chimney breast needs a vent installing where you have a blocked off fireplace. Be cautious that you dont vent the flue...
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    Repair base of built in cupboard

    Then where exactly are we looking at in the first two pics? Context needed? "alcove" means the space on either side of the chimney breast but I assumed that you were referring to the fireplace - "built in to the alcove of an old fireplace"? How long have you lived in the house? Do you have a...
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    Repair base of built in cupboard

    OP, You need to post pics showing the front of the chimney breast, the full opening of the fireplace, and skirting at the sides (cheeks) of the chimney breast. What you call "failed concrete" is probably sand & cement render. I suspect that you might have rising damp in the fireplace walls...
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    Bricking up a lined fireplace - What vents are needed?

    OP, Perhaps you also have a fireplace in the bedroom - which would mean you have two flues in the chimney breast? You would be better off simply blocking off the fireplaces, and inserting hit-&-miss vents in the blocking material. Thats after sweeping the flues and cleaning out the fireplaces -...
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    Crack in lintel above window.

    OP, Block off access to the balcony - its in a possible dangerous state. Get a SE in for a serious investigation of the balcony, its supports, the upper LH & RH recent guardrail work, and the cracks in the rendered area & lintel below. You could knock off all the cracked or suspicious render to...
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    How many rooms in your home?

    Sounds like answers to this, probably innocent, question could be misused for some weird marketing analytic.
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    Heavy condensation in under stairs cupboard

    OP, Its not condensation. 1. Can you post pics of the outside wall - full elevation & at ground level? 2. Being on a hill, even a slight slope, puts you at risk of ground water pressure from up hill. 3. What type of DPC was installed in the outside skin? Why? 4. In the pic, where's the DPC on...
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    Laying hardcore on top of existing patio

    Post #6, No one in the building trade ever refers to hardcore stone as individual units. For the benefit of readers perhaps you would post a measured section view of how you would do the work? Do include "individual units"? In the meantime, Please stop misleading OP's with weird information &...
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    Polycarbonate overhang and guttering

    As I mentioned above: keep the overhang to 30mm - 40mm. Ignore the 60mm nonsense. A 60mm overhang depending on the fixing height of the gutter on the fascia, and the pitch of the roof then the 60mm overhang is more likely to interfere with any flow of debris swollen water in the gutter than a...
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    Newbie question - what am I looking at here?

    Up to you but if you want more help then just say?
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    Backer Board Types

    FWIW: use 12mm backerboard on all wet walls or future potentially wet walls - stud or solid. 12mm matches up flush with plasterboard. Cheapest B/B is best. OP, are you OK with framing a bathroom?
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    Newbie question - what am I looking at here?

    Whatever that is its possibly irrelevant to your purpose? What exactly are you hoping to achieve in that bedroom with that chimney breast? Is it simply to deal with the "damp" presenting itself on the bedroom chimney breast?
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    Laying hardcore on top of existing patio

    OP, Dont "crack on" at all - why? 1. Because "crack on" is a well bad impulsive suggestion from a a DIY'er who seems to be ignorant of these simple matters. 2. (As JohnD) Because You have not yet Identified your DPC - Because you must be aware of where your DPC is, for your own information &...
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    Dry hip tile system versus wet (mortar)

    As he has "said many times, who really studies their roof"? Well how about prospective house buyers, the majority of whom love a traditional house appearance? Or Estate agents who stress the traditional features of houses? The names of the fittings you failed to notice or understand the purpose...
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    Polycarbonate overhang and guttering

    Post #5, Without using falls try setting a gutter on three sides of a semi-detached house with one outlet available, & see what water damage, & expense might result for a householder? Without setting a fall to outlet how will "rain know where the outlet is" when the OP's gutter is filling...
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    Extension - Drain

    Post #6, why are you shouting? Do you need help? Are you drowning or waving? OP said: "but structural engineers are saying this is an error in the CCTV report" OP said: "Is it likely I'll have to submit a second buildover agreement?" OP also said: "but we weren't expecting it to cross here" OP...
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    Extension - Drain

    You are presumably working under Regs so dont do anything else until BCO has given an opinion. BCO has to visit & will make a trench inspection on the suitability of the trench ground conditions for a foundation. Definitely dont go foolish & "concrete over" - BCO could make you crack out any...
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    Damp in corner of kitchen floor (Victorian terrace)

    No need for any camera - so far no signs of leaking drainage. Your, probably, salt glaze gulley hopper was set at the original ground level - the GL has since been raised, & is possibly contributing to your damp issues.