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    Cleaning kitchen light

    Morning all, I’ve got some kitchen lights that look something like this: They’ve been up for about ten years and need cleaning. It’s not just a dusting they’re...
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    Loft ladder

    Morning all, You were all so helpful when I came here for advice about laying my oak floor that I thought I’d come back and pester you all again. This time I’m going to fit a loft ladder with the ultimate aim of boarding the loft for easy storage. B&Q do a nice wooden ladder that comes...
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    Start again or cover-up?

    Morning useful sages, I’ve a question, actually I’m going to try and get my money worth and ask a couple of questions in one post. Cheeky I know, but that’s me. First a little background: I live in a 1930s house. Through necessity I’ve tough myself to skim. I got fed up with putting...
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    oak chopping board

    Morning all, Some of you may have seen a thread of mine from a couple of months age where I stripped out the downstairs floor and laid oak boards. The boards are 22mm thick. I have some offcuts that I’m slowly using up. I’ve a couple of wide offcuts and was going to cut one nice and...
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    Hearth adhesive

    In doing my floor recently I had to smash up the fireplace hearth. I now need to relay it with some new tiles. Tiles are fired when they are made, so I’d guess any type would do, but what adhesive and grout should I go for. I only have a small hearth to do (see piccie), so I only want a...
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    My oak floor

    I nearly forgot to post some piccies of the oak floor I laid. This is before This is during. As you can see this was one of the surprises with an unsupported internal wall. This wall runs up two floors and is therefore structural. It was just built on the floorboards. This...
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    Oak flooring oil finish

    I posted a load of questions at the beginning of the year about laying a new oak floor. Well, for reasons that no one will be interested in I had to put the job off. Now I’m doing it. I’m starting this weekend and have gone back over the helpful comments and am armed with everything I need - I...
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    Too small for the hole

    I live in a small 1930s mid-terraced house. The front door is original and I like it. It fits with the house and adds character, unlike the various double-glazed doors along the road. The trouble is that it is beginning to show too much character. At some point the door has been planed down...
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    Sliding mitre saw

    I know we’ve been here before, but it was an old post and the tool trade moves fast. I want a sliding mitre saw and I’m after some recommendations from the good and the wise on this site. I know what I want, but I don’t really know what I should be looking for, if that makes sense. I’m...
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    Name of a silicon

    The silicon in my kitchen needs replacing. I bought some top silicon sealant a couple of years ago, but can’t remember the name and wondered if anyone else can. It was called a number; something like 574. Does this ring any bells? I thought it was good stuff, but would this be the...
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    I’ve drained and re-flooded my central heating system a couple of times this year to move and change radiators. Should I add an inhibitor to the system? If so is it a DIY jobbie? I have a combie boiler and pressurised system. Thanks all
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    Oak flooring... again (sub floor question)

    Morning all, I come here following extensive, but fruitless research and I’d like to call on your collective knowledge. I’m laying a solid oak floor. The oak is 15mm tongue-and-groove boarding and I’m laying over floorboards, which sit on joists. I’m removing the skirting boards. I’ve...