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  1. pinenot

    B&D Battery Charging Time

    Ni-cd battery cells were/are something of an anigma in the cell world of tool batteries. They provide the highest discharge rate (amps) of all the cells used to date (the good ones that is) they fall mid way of all the cell type, for charge cycling and can be the slowest too charge. That said...
  2. pinenot

    Timber casement windows that look like sash windows?

    These are what you describe, but is this what you want? Pinenot
  3. pinenot

    squeaking chip board floor , driving me mad !!

    Personaly, joiner talk, I wouldn't use anything over and above what I've already stated, reason being they seldom work if at all. Now the new bit of information i.e. the heating re-route can you further describe this, were the pipes attached to the joists, were they microbore, lagged etc...
  4. pinenot

    squeaking chip board floor , driving me mad !!

    Pity about the talk, sounds from your description that things are beyond that trick. For chipboard flooring (salvageable) you really want an impact type puller which only leave a pair of small dents either side of the nail head. Bacho used to be the trade choise (bit pricy) but Faithful brand...
  5. pinenot

    Moss and weeds

    Simple salt mate and it's fairly natural which is better for the environment...pinenot :)
  6. pinenot

    Dewalt DW997 cordless drill - problem if unused for years?

    I agree, sometimes you need to flash them or pulse charge them but age is not the concern...pinenot :)
  7. pinenot

    Water leaking through and around window frame

    It strikes me that the curved brick course above the door ( non protruding) is quite close to the top infill panel above the door/frame. Without a drip channel, this will allow any water running down the wall to turn back in and drip down to the inside, a good polysulphide bead run round here...
  8. pinenot

    Problem with two piece concrete window cill join

    Thats the the stuff, gey would be a good choise. Actually I am suggesting you do it all in one stage after rake out. By keeping the cut of the nozzle flat on the cill whilst pushing the polysulphide hard into the joint and finishing by applying a half round bead angling the nozzle down, lifting...
  9. pinenot

    Timber frame external wall in garage conversion

    What support does the ex concrete slab that you're proposing to cut and retain have? On concrete footing, soil etc.? ...pinenot :)
  10. pinenot

    Problem with two piece concrete window cill join

    Clean out the joint (hacksaw blade or similar) get some polysulphide a similar course to concrete and squeeze it into the joint, finish with a raised bead of the compound to shed water either side...pinenot :)
  11. pinenot

    Having trouble with architrave

    all part of the learning curve mate...pinenot :)
  12. pinenot

    I-Beam Joists

    Worked with I beams back in the nineties on some, so called upmarket houses. They were simply 1/2" OSB boards glued on edge into slots machined in the centre of CLS whitewood. Quite floppy on their sides until they were fully dwanged (noggined) then they form a torsion box. They market them as...
  13. pinenot

    Creating a New Internal Door

    You certainly can fix directly to the plaster, use heavy (8mm min dia) hammer hits driven 50mm into the solid brick, which will provide almost self support i.e. not relying on the plaster at all...pinenot :)
  14. pinenot

    Prices for Kitchen Units - Why The Secrecy ?

    Also there are so many free 3D kitchen planners on the market (normally taylered to the providers kitchen units) which can, with a little bit of work, be used to put kitchen units of your choise into a precreated room. Sketch up is my favourite, but not so easy to master, IKEA do good one, but...
  15. pinenot

    Condensation on inside of windows

    Please let us all know how it goes, this has got to be the most frequently posted topic by a long shot. Not realy so difficult to cure, but a frustrating problem by all accounts...pinenot :)
  16. pinenot

    Condensation on inside of windows

    So what's close to the front? toilet, laundry room, tumble dryer etc. Make a list if you can...pinenot :)
  17. pinenot

    100+ mm oak door threshold

    I hate to disagree, but I would keep the lip down to 4_5mm wood along its length will spit easily and a wide thin overhang could break quite easily, no matter how much your intention not to stand on it _ you will...pinenot :)
  18. pinenot

    100+ mm oak door threshold

    Quite right mate...ponenot :)
  19. pinenot

    Wooden floorboard draught proofing question

    Paper Mache with some suitable colourant added works well, costs little and is probably what's bean used already, so you only need do the missing bits...pinenot :)
  20. pinenot

    3m Wooden Loft Ladder Recommendations?