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    Need to avoid two 90° bends?

    If he does mean 8inch long then it looks like 50mm waste pipe?
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    Shower waste drain

    This might be the one. May be worth buying it to see if the same and then it won't hurt if you break the old one and you'll know how it goes together.
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    Spotlights not working

    The halogens will cost up to 10 times more to run so may be worth putting leds in now.
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    Shower Tile Layout

    Looking at your design it should look ok with the cut in the corner if laying inline. Make sure the outer walls are plumb before you lay any tiles and work you way around the wall. i.e. don't start at both outer walls and work into the corner as they may not align.
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    Back to wall toilet on an external wall

    What about a corner toiler. May leave a bit more roof around the sink/shower but can't tell if that would fit next to the rad.
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    Screwfix Scam?

    Scam! I got the heineken one. Web url was .ru so knew it was suss
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    Lintel failure? What is the cause of this cracking?

    but none of these extend past the window, so isn't that why they have failed?
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    Lintel failure? What is the cause of this cracking?

    Wouldn't the lintel usually be wider than the window and sit on the brickwork?
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    A man enters a field carrying something... As soon as he enters the field he dies... What was he carrying?
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    French doors maximum width?

    Wouldn't french doors be 2 doors opening out? If it was one big door it would just be a door?
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    Any Issues With Fitting A Door Here?

    Wouldn't it have been much safer to have the door hinge on the opposite side?
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    Inflatable hot tub insulation

    I know a lot of camper conversions use a plastic insulation from B&Q to prevent getting damp with condensation. Not sure if fully waterproof but may be worth a look...
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    90 degree chrome elbows

    What diameter are you pipes. The one shown reduces from 15mm pipe to 10mm pipe within the elbow. If the pipe is the same you can get a none reducing one
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    Recommend a vacuum cleaner for garage

    Why buy a vacuum switch when they come built into sub £100 vacs. I plug a multi plug extension lead into my vac and then all tools plug into this. As soon as I operate a tool the vac comes on. Can then just swap the vac hoses over as and when for each tool or build a full system with all hoses...
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    Recommend a vacuum cleaner for garage

    I've got a cleva vacmaster that works brilliantly. It has a built in start/stop function for power tools so it will auto turn on when you turn a saw on and turns off a few seconds after use. It doesn't have a bag but easy to empty out. Can be used as a wetvac too
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    Where can I get this bracket?

    Not identical but this may work depending on size
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    Drainage runs for extension

    Hi, Looking to start an extension and need to get started as pp is expiring soon Am I able to do the following drainage runs under a new extension. Will also be placing a WC in what is currently the garage Some rain water currently runs into the sewage drains which I thought was a no no but...
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    Garage conversion floor. Need dpm?

    I'm looking to follow the below for mine. No need for a timber frame and looks fairly quick to put down
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    Replacement remote

    Slightly different or identical ones are on Aliexpress Both branded YAM
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    Worcester Boiler Help

    Hi I'm trying to get a boiler engineer out but looking unlikely before christmas I have a worcester 30si boiler with nest The boiler has started to constantly need resetting. I have removed the shroud to see what is happening and now can see a gas flame in the top right of the boiler. I'm...