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    Smoking to be banned in 2023 In New Zealand. Should we be following them?
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    Boris's lords appointments sweepstake

    So, who do we think Boris is going to add to the house of lords when he finally gets pried out of number 10? And how many? There's 800(!) people in the House of lords right now. I'm betting Nadine Doris and Paul Sacred, and another 50 or so added.
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    Most adverse effects from Covid jabs not caused by vaccine

    In shocking confirmation of what everyone knows, the majority of reported adverse effects from the Covid vaccines are nocebo effects and misreporting. Actual...
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    Vaccine works even better than expected

    No, not Covid, HPV. But in less good news, Covid has resulted in fewer...
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    Government to start charging unvaccinated people for Covid care

    Ok, it's Singapore rather than here. It's not our style of doing things, but it's interesting to see how the rest of the world handles antivaxers.
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    What is this hose and where can I get a new one?

    I've got an overly complicated tap, which has a flexible hose that has started leaking. One end is a simple 15mm (or more probably 1/2" now I think about it (n)) female screw connection the other is a male thread, I think it's an M14 based on the measurement (it is around 14mm, or a hair over...
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    Drop in Vaccination sites now open @Ihavenojob might be useful.
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    Is the May 17th reopening a mistake?

    I think it is. We know there is the Indian Variant B16722 in circulation and that it's currently doubling each week. If it's doing that whilst the now Traditional British variant B117 is holding more or less level that implies it's far more infectious. By reopening we will increase that rate...
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    British Covid-19: more dangerous than most

    So, it turns out that the British Covid-19 strain is significantly more lethal than the historic strains. All the more reason to get vaccinated, and might result in more restrictions on our ability to travel abroad in the future. So with the old variants of Covid-19 it was (roughly) a 1%...
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    Microbore! Removing single radiator

    I'm redoing a room and am getting rid of a microbore radiator. For now I just want to remove it and then a plumber will come round and sort out the pipes and install a new one. If I turn this radiator off at the tap will that seal both the flow and the return so I can remove the radiator? I...
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    LED light strip for edge of room

    Hi all, I'm doing up my living room and want to put in some coving/dado rail for an LED light strip to provide uplighting. I've done something similar on a smaller scale and liked the effect. Any recommendations on any part of the components? It's going to need to be a Phillips hue compatible...
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    Who's had the vaccine?

    So, who's had it yet and have you developed an Oxford accent or an appetite for Belgian waffles? I'm in and now sound 5% more posh. It took 4 minutes between knocking on my GPs door to leaving the building. Top tip, apparently you shouldn't drive for 15 minutes after having the AZ jab.
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    More lifesaving Covid-19 treatments Another example of our world leading research infrastructure at work and saving lives. This improvement is on top of the previous improvement given by steroids. In...
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    Wood burners are bad for your health

    Annoying to hear, I always liked the idea of a wood burner.
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    Moving existing wire

    Hi All, I've got an existing 7mm twin and earth cable that goes from a main distribution box to a smaller one. Right now it runs through the cavity of my wall up to the loft. This isn't good and isn't safe if I get the cavity filled. I've found another route for it (punch through the wall...
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    Tougher controls for Christmas?

    Germany have banned Christmas and Italy is doing the same. Various schools in London and the South East are going online only because of the number of cases. The UKs cases are increasing as well, do we need to consider going to more severe restrictions or admit that the Christmas break plans...
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    Making good render

    Hi All, I'd like to make this garage look better. The old garage door was mounted on the outside and the render was applied around it. Now the old door is removed the ring of brickwork leaves a little to be desired. Is rendering the remaining bits realistic for a DIYer? If so any guides on...
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    Should people who refuse a Covid vaccine be denied treatment or charged for it?

    If someone chooses not to have a Covid vaccine and then catch it, should they be given the same level of care as people who haven't been offered it yet or haven't been able to get it yet? They have chosen to not take care of themselves, should they be allowed to take up beds that people who...
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    Scotch egg - substantial yes or no.

    The question of the day. Are Scotch eggs a substantial meal or not? I say no, not unless you're going for Ostrich, which now I mention it, I really want to try.
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    Covid-19 crystal ball gazing

    A thread for people to guess what might happen in the next year or so with Covid-19. My guess: Multiple vaccines pass testing before the new year and limited roll outs begin for NHS and care home residents. We leave lockdown into tier 3 nation wide, with the promise that if the R stays low it...