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    New lawn slowly dying off - is it waterlogged?

    Hi I got my garden done in July. The landscaper did a whole bunch of hard and soft landscaping and removed the old lawn and part of the existing soil, then install some new soil and the new turf, which was of really nice quality. The landscaper did a very good job in the garden, to a very high...
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    How to remove door from these hinges? - help please!

    Hi I need to pain the door frames (as well as skirting boards). I would like to take the doors off to facilitate this. I have been trying to remove the door from the hinges but I cannot. The hinges I have are Eclipse Grade 11 - picture attached. I have been trying to remove the cap at the...
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    Worcester Boiler keeps cycling (on and off)

    Hi I have a Worcester Greenstar RI boiler. The boiler is used for both central heating and for heating up water in an unvented cylinder. When I switch on the central heating, the boiler fires up, all radiators get hot, etc. However, after 30 - 40 minutes, the boilers cuts out and then...
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    Worcester Ri Boiler keeps firing (with Megaflo cylinder)

    Hi, I have a Worcester Greenstar Ri Boiler with an unvented cylinder(Megaflo) The boiler seems to heat up water without a problem. It reaches a point when it stops burning gas and the indicator light switches off, which I think it is normal. To me it means that all the water in the...
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    Finding tap cartridge to avoid breaking tiles

    Hi, I just moved in to my new house and found out that the shower tab in one of the bathrooms gets really tight when closing it. The plumber said that the cartridge has to be replaced. However, he can't identify the make of the tap and the cartridge isn't very common apparently. The...