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    Tundish pipe connected to condence pipe

    The installer of my boiler and cylinder came to connect the cylinder PRV/tundish pipe to the waste. PRV/tundish pipe connects to the condence pipe and then to the bath waste. PRV/tundish pipe is the one with the push fit connections. Are we all good??? Are we all good???
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    New Vaillant system boiler & cylinder installed

    Check out my new system. Really pleased with it. Vaillant system boiler and Gledhill cylinder. What do you pros think???
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    New hot water and heating boiler

    Replacing my existing hot water and heating system. What shall I replace with??? 3 bathrooms and 18 radiators. Is the Vaillant ecoTEC plus 938 38kW An option? See Pictures of my existing.
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    New electric supply - ADMDs in kVA - kVA load required

    Hi I'm applying for a new electric supply. UK Power Networks have requested an accurate breakdown of the "required kVA load". ALL ELECTRIC 2 BED FLAT. I have worked out my requirements as below in watts, but am struggling to convert to the "ADMDs in kVA" they require. Lights: 280w Sockets...
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    Studio flat in loft 17sqm is it regulation/legal

    I'm thinking about converting a loft into a 17sqm studio flat. Excluding stairs, 17sqm living space. Open plan - saparate bathroom Would planning pass an application? Could it meet regulations?
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    Additional meters on existing incoming supply

    Hi Currently have 2 electric meters as in picture. Adding an addional 3 flats to building, so will need an additional 3 meters. Can I add another 3 meters to this supply? So total of 5 meters off this incoming supply? Thanks
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    Low pressure at taps and shower

    I have a 2nd floor 2 bedroom flat with low pressure at all the taps and shower. Whats the best solution to obtain good pressure at taps and shower and not lose pressure when more the 1 tap is used. Many thanks in advance
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    Cil Charge - how is it charged & on what area

    Hi I'm converting a shop & flat INTO a shop, studio flat & 2 flats. A few questions I need help with, 1. Rear retail storage CONVERTING TO studio flat (NOT an extension) do I pay cil on this? 2. Loft conversion Inc dorma do I pay cil on this? 3. How do you know for what area cil is due...
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    Glow Worm Micron Replacement

    Hi, I got a Glow Worm Micron boiler. On a s plan system Looking at replacing the boiler and upgrade system. 3 bathrooms, 16 radiators. Looking at having it done during the summer. What's the best boiler replacement? Any recommendations on system upgrade? Want a powerful boiler which...
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    Loft Conversion on a Shop

    Hi I have a 3 storey shop, Ground floor shop, 1st and 2nd floor residential. Can i do a loft conversion without planning permission? (it's a shop so not sure if same rules as house apply) Its semi detatched, both sides of roof upright so will only need a dorma. Thanks
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    Complicated System , Please explain what i have here?

    Hi Just move into this house. Never seen so many pipes and equipment, need help understanding it all. Also got a small leak from one of the parts, please advise. See pictures Many thanks
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    built extension over the boundry by 100mm, need advise

    HI I'm having a single storey rear extension on my semi detatched house. My planning permission shows my extension being built just inside my boundry, i have built 100mm over my boundry onto my neighbours land, we are having an agreement made up by a surveyor to say we are both in...