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    Reduce liner size for fire doors?

    Hi all, We’re doing a project that requires us to replace existing doors with FD30 doors. We have some nice glazed Worcester style doors downstairs but they have been trimmed down to 754mm. Apparently all the off the shelf FD30 equivalents have tiny trim allowances (4mm per door) so a 762mm...
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    What size supply do I have to my meter?

    Hi all, I'm in the process of needing to upgrade the hot water system in my house. I have a 15mm feed rising in the house, about 24l/min of flow and about 4.5 bar of pressure with the taps running inside. There's currently a small vented cylinder to feed three bathrooms so there's about 10...
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    Ancient Startrite bandsaw - can it be fixed?

    Hi all, I moved into a new house earlier this year and the old owner left a couple of his workshop tools behind. I don't think he'd used them for years, but one of the things he left is a Startrite bandsaw. Judging by the plug that's on it, the serial number A344 and the fact that there...
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    Drains blocked under road by previous owner

    Hi all, Looking to see if anyone has any advice. I recently bought a new house, and the drains were not clearing so I ordered a CCTV survey. The survey discovered a drain test plug (big metal thing with a rubber gasket on) had been dropped down the drain during some previous building works...
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    Have I got the wrong pump on my shower?

    Hi, I'm been reading these forums for a while and looking for some advice as I have my first proper dilemma as a home owner. I just had a new shower (and heating system) installed, and am disappointed with the power of the new shower, but would like to check my facts before attempting to...