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    Where to buy builders line?

    After many years off I need some new building line. But can't see anything online. Screwfix and Toolstation etc just seem to have the coloured stuff available. In my day that stuff didn't stretch. I need the stretchy stuff to get a"buzz line". Anyone know where to get it. Cheers
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    Pipes and cables running through excavations.

    Hello just wondered if anyone knows how building control want electric, water and drains treated when the foundations have been dug and before concrete has been poured. I did have an occasion years ago when I was told to sleeve some cables then just pour around them but is there not more to it...
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    How to identify the incoming supply

    Hello. The surveyor from the network has been out and showed me where to dig for the supply cable. But I didn't ask what it would look like as I thought I'd know when I see it. But It would be good if someone could give a clue. Also the likely depth. Cheers
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    Diggers 1.5 vs 3 ton

    Hello. Just wondered if anyone on here has much experience with diggers. Im thinking of hiring a 3 ton one. Mainly as theres 500mmm thick concrete to break and I assume a bigger digger does it quicker with a breaker fitted? And also theres about 80 m3 of soil to be dug. Cheers
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    Has the Architect created a problem?

    Hello. Im soon to be digging out footings for an extension. I had a look at the site block plan and noticed that for no reason the Architect has marked 1100 as the distance of the side wall of the proposed extension from the boundary. This would be a waste and mean his external and internal...
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    Making an opening near a drain

    There's is an existing drain where I'm about to add a patio door. I'll attach a photo. The purple line shows where the opening will be. The brickwork to the left of that line will be removed to make the opening. My question is, will the BCO have any issues with it. My main concern is, as there...
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    Any recommendations for an online oil seller?

    Hello, It looks like the company I buy Quantum oil from on ebay aren't around anymore. So if anyone knows of a genuine online retailer Id appreciate if they can tell me. Thanks
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    Digging out foundations at this time of year?

    Hello, on the odd occasion I've been involved in an extension at the early stages its always been in the summer. Id like to get on with this one in the near future. So has anyone got any experience/thoughts on starting the footings early in the year? with regards the stability of the sides etc...
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    Anyone know abput older VW door handles?

    Theres 2 part to my question, first is does anyone know if a drivers door that wont open from outside is an MOT fail? Second part is.......The drivers door handle wont open from the outside. It locks and works from inside though. Its apparently common on VW's. Theres several videos on youtube...
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    Covering single leaf steel lintel on external wall

    Does anyone know how a steel lintel over a window on the outside leaf can be rendered over where the steel and padstone are 102mm wide. Is there a better way than chicken wire is the main question and keeping rain from penetrating through would be the next.
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    Propping up a wall for a new lintel when its tricky!

    So ive got to hold up an external cavity wall for a lintel over a big window. The outside should be straight forward, with strong boys in the brickwork, but the internal skin of blocks has a first floor joist right in the way. The bottom of the blocks to be propped are pretty much exactly level...
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    Breaking concrete.

    Hello, I have to break up a concrete foundation. Its about 300mm deep with hardcore underneath. Theres about 10 linear metres to do. So I wondered if anyone has advice on what size of breaker I should get? Cheers
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    Whats worth taking to the scrap yard?

    Hello Im gutting a house at the moment. Going to have a fair bit of copper so if anyone knows if prices are high or low at the moment id be interested. But theres also a fair bit of basic metals. All the radiators and a fridge, stove, washing machine etc. So as they are big and heavy does anyone...
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    Anyone know what des ll mortar is?

    Iv'e had instructions from a structural engineer to use des ll mortar. Only problemis I dont know what it is :). It rings a bell but im at a loss, Any ideas please.
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    Placing Electricity meter under stairs

    Just wondered if anyone knows anything about this. I had been told by someone for UK power that you cant have a meter repositioned under the stairs anymore. My Electrician hadn't heard about this rule, another one I know said its not true and someone else from UK power who I spoke to on the...
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    Private building control Vs council

    Just wondered if anyone has a preference between making an application with the council or private company. A couple of architects I've spoken suggested private but I've never used one. Cheers
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    When to go for a full re wire?

    Hello, I'm going to be having a fair bit of electrical work done as were doing an extension. Theres another room downstairs that needs rewiring. Upstairs theres a bedroom thats becoming a bathroom so that needs doing. So theres a room downstairs and 2 upstairs that have obviously been rewired...
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    Any suggestions for a cladding for a garage door?

    Hello, the garage door is looking shabby, its got exterior ply on a frame. Both in ok condition. The Tongue and groove on top is going home though. If anyone has an idea of what to use that would be good. It could be T&G again which I could paint in which case a tip where to buy would be good...
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    Oil filter snapped and stalk stuck in housing

    Hello, I finally got round to changing the oil and had to stop half way through. After taking the old filter out I realised the stalk/pin bit wasn't on the filter. I looked in the housing and it's stuck there. I tried a gentle pull but hand but no luck. I'm not sure when it broke as the big...
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    Engine making a noise.

    Hello, I've just noticed a tapping/ticking sound from the engine. I'll add a picture as I've found where is coming from. There's a little round cap with made in USA on it and the noise stops of you just put a finger on it. Does anyone know what the thing is or any suggestions what can be done...