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    Boiler size - please advise

    Hi Guys. We decide to replace our 20 years old boiler and new thermal storage (long story) with new boiler and Hot water cylinder. I asked 3 local plumber/heating engineer for quote. After survey we receive quotes for 3 different size of boiler - very confiusing All 3 engeeners sugest system...
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    Pyronix Enforcer - Wireless JammWZm issue

    Hi there. I have recently experienced some issues with my Pyronix Enforcer panel. Last night the alarm went off twice and when I checked the logs I found "Wireless JammWZm" after pressing C for more info I found "Control Panel Zem32WE" There was a thread on this forum about this same issue in...
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    Gledhil Boilermate - how to use/setup

    Hi Guys. I need advice how to use/setup efficiently and economically thermal storage. Recently we move into new house and instead traditional hot water tank we have thermal storage. We been told this is working opposite way to the traditional system with hot water tank. We have very old boiler...
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    Reusing Pyronix Key fob

    Hello Guys. I recently replace panel in my Alarm system. I replace Pyronix Enforcer v9 with v11 I done this because we didn't have Engineer code from previous owner and there was no wifi connection. We replace v9 with v11, reuse existing PIR and contact sensors and wired keypad but we are...