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    Internal garage partial conversion

    Thank for the reply Woody. When you state "You will need a PIR insulation product unless you want to double the wall thickness and use alternatives", is this referring to attempting to use Rockwool as the insulation within the partition? I'm assuming so as it's thermal properties isn't as good...
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    Internal garage partial conversion

    Hi, Could someone advise on the following please? I have an internal garage that I'm partitioning to create office space. One side is an external wall to a passageway into my garden, front is an up&over garage door, other two walls are internal. A local building inspector paid me a visit and...
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    Whirlpool ADG 734 Dishwasher

    Hi Bonsey, I have exactly the same problem with my ADG734 dishwasher. Where is this Overheat Stat reset you mention? Regards