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    To screw or not to screw…

    I lifted two runs of our creaky 1950s upstairs hall floorboards, which aren’t in great condition and had obviously been up before, to run in a cable. There is a sheet of 3mm hardboard between the boards and the underlay across the whole hall. They have now been temporarily replaced with the...
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    Joining ring main in wall behind kitchen cupboards

    I removed our old kitchen cupboards yesterday and found the ring main has been joined using two choc blocks covered in insulating tape in an open cavity in the plaster behind one of the cupboards. What is the correct way to join those cables please? And can it be plastered / covered over or...
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    New Electric Oven Wiring

    Hi, We really need to fit an electric oven to replace our old gas oven but have no 'big' wiring into the kitchen, just a ring main and lights. I have just checked and the house has a 100A main fuse, 100A meter and a distribution board with 100A main switch with MCBs of 20,6,6,6 unprotected and...
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    Irregular tapping sound in one rad

    Hi, We have an 8' rad in one bedroom which has started to make a loud, irregular metallic tapping sound only when the pump is running. I have isolated the rad and it stops, and have held the rad against the wall mounts with no change. The tapping varies between twice a second to every couple of...
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    Wireless Mains Switch on CH Timer

    Hi, I recently bought a couple of WiFi mains switch boxes which just connect live and neutral from the input across to output when operated. One will be used to control our porch light and I would like to control the house CH with the other one, if that's possible. A bit of a Hive-on-the-cheap...
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    Plugging an RCD into a cct already protected by an RCD/RCBO

    Pardon my lack of electrical knowledge and ignore the Sparky user name :? but I was wondering if an RCD plugged into a ring main powered via an RCBO would not be as effective due to them sharing the trip current, or will the most sensitive of the pair still trip first at ~30mA ?