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    Has anyone removed cement fibre slates from inside the loft?

    The next minor project has invaded my head; a roof window... The problem is, the budget is whatever I can get here and there, without alerting the OH! It just wouldn't be feasible If I needed to hire a scaffold tower etc. Has anyone tried to remove cement fibre slates from the inside? I was...
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    Water company placing silver canisters next to external stop tap - what are they???

    Hi, A couple of water company workers have just been down our street, dropping silver canisters (about the size of a 500ml coke bottle) down the holes next to the external stop taps. It seems they are only targeting those without a water meter. Does anyone know what these are? I'm guessing at...
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    Plug tops / Plug caps?

    After some 'interesting' discussions on here (involving a certain party who will remain nameless!), about the usage of the words 'Plug Top' to describe a 13A plug; I decided to look into its origins (...and please forgive me if you have seen any of this before!). The only information I have...
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    Nest Gen3 Heat Link repair

    Hi, A new vid from Big Clive, showing the repair of a heat link - Well, I thought it was interesting! :) : Can we answer Clive's question? Has anyone come across multiple heat link failures?
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    Who knew?! A legitimate application of mains hum!

    Forensic analysis of mains hum can be used to timestamp recordings! ...well, I found it intriguing! ;)
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    Any thoughts on the future of heating?

    I had my gas combi 'serviced' yesterday and was quizzing the engineer about what the future might hold after the gas boiler ban comes into effect. Apart from finding out that he was clueless! (Suggesting I could run an electric combi from the existing ring and advocating the use of ASHP's), I...
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    Installing ventilation on a cement fibre (Chrysotile!) slate roof

    Hi, I wonder if any of you wise people can help? I have a mid terrace house and have had the builders in to put a firewall in the loft (the loft space was open for most of the terrace). As a consequence of building the wall, the loft has very little ventilation and is getting stifilingly hot! I...