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    Wireless Alarm Systems

    Some of you Guys may know that years ago I worked for Lander Alarms Ltd, (long before wireless was viable) my Daughter wants an intruder alarm for her house, I have heard good things about the Castle wirless systems, any thoughts on this Guys?? :wink:
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    Titan Music on Hold CD Player

    Are these units any good?? ours has packed up after only 2 years what would be the best alternative its connected to an NEC PABX system
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    Mrs Boilerman2 wants a Magnolia Tree in our Front Garden does anyone have any advice on how much clearance should be left from buildings/Boundaries etc I'm thinking of the Roots and don't want to putr the Mag in a poor location
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    Heating Controls for person with Three legged Cat

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :roll:
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    URGENT NOTICE to owners of Mitsubishi Ecodan Heat Pumps

    An Explosion has occured at a house in Chard (Somerset), which has completely destroyed the Ecodan ! Mitsubishi have immediately started a recall of 6,000 heat pumps currently installed and have advised owners to switch off the heat pump without delay home owners are advised to go to the...
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    Well done J&S!!

    This is a testomonial for Johnson & Starley, we fitted a 130Kw State Water heater this week, went to commission it on tuesday, but due to a fault on the PCB, it blew the Glowcoil to kingdom come!! quick call to J&S Service saw their engineer on site within 48Hrs, and heater repaired and working...
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    New Gas Boiler

    I Installed a nice new boiler for a customer to-day, before we had finished commissioning the boiler it broke down! manufacturer sending parts !! anyone want to take a guess as to the make?? :x
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    Bloody Ideal boilers!!

    Sent an Engineer from Suffolk to SE London today to fit a PCB to a Mexico 36HE, when he arrived he fitted board, but on reading the scrap of paper of an instruction manual, he found in the small print that when fitting a new PCB to a 36HE you need a new Display panel as well... guess what, we...
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    Honeywell AQ6000 Control System

    Has anybody got a Installation & Programming Manual for the AQ6000 Control, I've got one which isn't working properly, I don't think there is anything wrong with it, But there is no manual on site and I can't remember the full programming sequence :oops: Any help would be graterfully...
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    I live in a Semi-detached, my neighbour has recently had a glass on three sides conservatory built on a dawrf wall, my question is, as the conservatory is only 200mm from my boundary, should the wall alongside the boundary be fire rated i.e a brick wall to the full height of the conservatory, or...