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    vivaro van speedo stopped working

    Hi fellas The speedo started jumping about a few weeks ago,now its stopped working altogether. I believe it could be a sensor or wiring problem,is anybody aware of it beeing a common problem on the vivaro van.It's a 53 plate 1.9 diesel. cheers
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    twin pump

    hi fellas I'm replacing a glowworm ultimate which is on a twin pump system.pumps and cylinder are on the 3rd floor programmer and boiler in kitchen..ultimate is pump overrun. which boiler will go in without to much of a wiring nightmare??? AND if the relay is gubbed...where can I get one...
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    potterton combi 80

    anybody help me with this before I lose the will to live,boiler continuously fires with the clock and selector switch turned off...its not the DHW flow switch because the red light isn't on...could it be the control PCB behinh the modulation board???...I've even pulled the leads off but it still...
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    vivaro 53 plate clutch noise

    hi all just wanted a heads up on this b4 I go to a garage..when I put the clutch go into 1st gear there is a loud tapping I bring the clutch to the bite it goes away and the van seems to drive and change gear fine...only does it when I push the clutch peddle down to engage 1st...