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    Insulation in Barn - what is it?

    Hi All, I wanted to do some work in an old barn which was converted and have come across some insulation. Can anyone tell me what is is before I touch it?
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    Asbestos Shed Roof Cleaning

    I have an asbestos shed roof which is covered in moss. I want to clean this off but can I just clarify if the asbestos is on the top surface of the roof material or is it in the middle of the sheeting? Just want to ensure cleaning it is not hazardous.
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    “Cape” Boiler Cupboard Insulation Panel

    I am looking at an early 1960s property which has some insulation board lining the boiler cupboard door. There appears to also be some external to the cupboard on a exchange. It is manufactured by Cape, is it inevitable that this is asbestos? I could not see a product name on the sheet. If it...
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    Honeywell Galaxy CP038 - How to remove panel at bottom?

    Hi All, How do I get the bottom off a Honeywell Galaxy CP038? Is it a screwdriver into both holes?
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    What is this brown sealant?

    I am decorating my kitchen and have come across some unusual brown sealant between the work surface and wall. What is it and is it anything to be worried about if I remove it?
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    What is this material

    That’s good news, what is it likely to be then?
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    What is this material

    Thank you. Definitely being used for insulation purposes but did not want to touch it in case it’s a danger.
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    Plug Material - Have I damaged it?

    Thanks for the replies. No leakage evident :D
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    What is this material

    Good Afternoon All, What is the grey material pictured? Anything to be concerned about?
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    Plug Material - Have I damaged it?

    Hi All, I was cleaning a plug today and thought there was something stuck at the top of the waste pipe under the plug. I prodded it with a toothpick and pierced it. I also tried to pull it away from the waste pipe After doing so I realised that it might be the silicon securing the plug...
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    Old Commercial Boiler

    Hi All, Came across this in a commercial premises. Can you tell me the following: 1) what sort of age is this? 2) is this just a boiler or could this also pump hot air (property is warm air heated)? 3) is there anything to be concerned about with it e.g. asbestos - there appears to be white...
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    Is my fuse box safe to work on?

    Hi All, I need to have some work done on my fuse box due to a bathroom renovation. Is my fuse box (from the early 60s) safe to work on - I wondered if any of the pictured items could be asbestos? Thanks in advance.
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    Black Mastic under tiles - dangerous?

    I have had some tiles removed from a floor and underneath is a black mastic. The property is mid-60's so I am suspecting that the mastic may contain asbestos. Is it safe to walk over the mastic or will this potentially release asbestos fibres? Same question in respect of sweeping the floor.
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    Bathroonm Renovation - Suspect Material

    Thank you for all the responses!!!
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    Bathroonm Renovation - Suspect Material

    Hi Everyone, I am having my bathroom renovated and noticed the material pictured. My property was built in the early 1960's, should I be concerned with what this is? Could it be loose asbestos? The hole the material appears to be in was were the overflow pipe from my toilet was.
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    P3 Half-Mask Respirator causing Dry Throat

    Filter did not seem bad to me. It is still pretty white!. It is a Dräger X-plore 3500 Cheers, Rob
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    P3 Half-Mask Respirator causing Dry Throat

    Hi All, I was having to dispose of some rubble (brick, mortar etc) within my property and wore a half-mask p3 respirator to be safe as it was quite dusty work. However, after an hour of doing this I have quite a dry throat. Is this normal or has the respirator not worked properly...
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    What material is this?

    John, Would it be normal for the material to be very crumbly, I touched it and a piece fell off. When I picked it up the material disintegrated in my hand? Thanks
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    What material is this?

    Hi All, I have some concerns other some material in my heating cupboard which I disturbed. My property was built in 1965. I believe that the current warm arm heating unit was installed in 1988. What is the material around the flue, is there any chance it could contain any nasty...
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    Flue Question

    Thanks for the response