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    Broadband and Telephone - separately wired into house.

    An older installation has an old connection box inside the house with 1 incoming common cable, from B.T.'s outside pole. There are then 2 separate cables from this connection box, 1 is to an old, extension plate for broadband and another adjacent, old extension plate for the telephone. There is...
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    Worcester CH Boiler (19/24CBi), runs all the time.

    Yes, and the water is always hot. Regards
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    Worcester CH Boiler (19/24CBi), runs all the time.

    Thanks for the reply. The boiler is located in a passageway at the back door, it's always warmish in there, I don't think there's any zone valves unless they're under the floor boards, but there is one radiator which is in a very cold conservatory, this we always keep closed off at it's own...
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    Worcester CH Boiler (19/24CBi), runs all the time.

    I think this boiler has an cold weather thermostat to prevent freezing pipes. Unfortunately I now have to shut down the system when not needed, to save the gas bill and to reduce the noise of water flow in bedroom pipes during the "silent hours". Whatever radiators are turned ON by the...
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    Gardtec 300 - outside bell is not sounding

    This Gardtec 300 system appears to be working OK but the outside alarm doesn't sound when the system is tested; although the inside sounder works alright. Is the battery in the outside bell requiring replacement? Can the outside box just simply be opened for changing the battery, or does the...
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    Scantronic 500r Wireless System

    Thanks for the other info. This is the bell box, there are 2 large screws with plastic caps on the sides near the bottom, I want to identify the battery but as soon as I loosen a screw the alarm goes off, any guesses? Regards
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    Scantronic 500r Wireless System

    Thanks for the reply. So it doesn't need pairing/re-programming then, is a volatile memory involved? This bell had a red and a green LED flashing in flip flop fashion, this was the reason for opening the box in the first place, since it was a suspected fault, then it changed to green only...
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    Changing battery on PIR Detector for Scantronic 500r Panel

    I have 5 of these PIR's, I don't know the make, but the Control Panel is a Scantronic 500r unit. What is the method used for changing the batteries? Is re-programming required? Also, I'd like to change the battery on the outside bell box, again there's no ID on it. What's involved? Regards
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    Scantronic 500r Wireless System

    1. How do you change a battery in a PIR? Can it be done without reprogramming? 2. How do you open an outside bell box to change the battery, without setting off the Tamper? Regards
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    Russell Hobbs Electric Toaster - Socket for Special Screws

    Not much help but it is a hexagon head, requiring a socket and is probably a special by Russell Hobbs. :evil:
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  13. Jaymack DIY

    Jaymack DIY

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    Flourescent lamp troubleshooting

    The problem is probably a loose connection on the mains, at the first fitting on the circuit or at the switch. Regards
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    New Consumer Unit - keeps tripping

    It's most probably an appliance that's at fault. Appliances with heating elements are always suspect - ovens, grilles, toasters, irons, washing machines and spin dryers etc. There are earth leakage tests that can be carried out on such appliances with a 3 wire, earth connection, (2 wire...
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    Russell Hobbs Electric Toaster - Socket for Special Screws

    This is a 2 year old, single, long slot toaster, model 14356 and the element is broken. I have a new one on order for £50. This is the second one over 5 years and I preferred this model since it gives even browning for a single slice, and is lower wattage than the multi-slot. I have not been...
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    Creda Concept C361E - Cooker Problem

    The main oven spiral element around the fan on this cooker, had a section blown off with a fault. I replaced this with a new element and replace the lamp. The plates on the hob and the smaller top oven, were and still are working OK, but there is no indication light for the control knob, and the...
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    Connecting a SKY Plus box to another room

    Is it possible to connect a cable to a TV set in a bedroom, using a cable connected to an output from a SKY Plus box in a living room, or would it need another box?. There is an existing distribution system to 3 bedrooms, with a Freeview aerial and amplifier that is unused. Regards
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    Replacement screws for BT master telephone socket

    Trying to locate a source for these screws, the existing ones are about 2.87mm diameter and 30mm long, but I would prefer the longest ones available, for cutting to suit. Regards