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    Sumberhouse / shed build

    I’ve decided to build a summerhouse, 3000 x 3000 with corner cut off, diagonal and two short sides will be the same length. Please recommend any other suggestions or better ways of doing it. Floor 50 x 75 ? joists resting on 3 * 100 x 100 skids on paving slabs, 18mm ply floor. Should...
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    Stain on one side of door / gloss on other side

    All my internal door are currently stained, but I want to paint the hall side gloss. Should the door edges be gloss? also what about the door stop. Thanks
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    22mm chipboard

    I was unable to replace the green chipboard so I used Ditra Matting, as advised by my local tile shop. Tiles have been down just over a year and no problems so far.
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    Bal or Mapei Keraquick

    Tiling bathroom and shower using 300 *450 ceramic tiles on to tanking. Is there much difference between Bal (£30 bag) and Mapei (£17 bag). Also I have used two layers of plasterboard for shower area but there is a gap of about 10mm in one corner on the top layer. What should I use to fill...
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    do I need a air admittance valve

    Fitting a new shower with 40mm waste pipe. From shower 900mm with a drop of 35mm, then 90o bend for 600mm, drop 30mm, then i'm using two 135o fittings to drop high by 80mm into soil pipe. toilet above. Do I need a aav?, if yes how high should it be?
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    Where should I put bathroom fan

    Sorry that my question was not clear. The fan will be near the ceiling, but the vent / exit to the outside will be about 1.5m below. Thanks
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    where to put bathroom fan

    I have a small bathroom without a window and am installing a walk in shower (1200*800) the gap between shower door and ceiling is 17cm. I cannot install fan in ceiling, so should I put fan inside or outside shower? I will be using a Vent-Axia SELV (IPX7). Should the fan be a min distance...
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    Where should I put bathroom fan

    I have a small bathroom without a window and will be installing a walk in shower (1200*800) with an over head shower. There will only be 17cm gap between the top of the shower door and ceiling. I have got a Vent-Axia SELV fan (IPX7). The fan cannot be installed in the ceiling, so it it best...
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    Tiling on black stuff

    My bathroom floor used to have plastic looking tiles from the 1970's, and seemed to be stuck down with some black adhesive. (concrete floor) . I removed these tiles and tiled with ceramic tiles about 15 years ago. I now re-doing my bathroom. The ceramic tiles where not loose but did come up...
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    Pipe graident & number of right angle bends

    I plan to move my bathroom basin from the outside wall to the opposite wall. How may bends can I have in the pipe run? looking at the basin the pipe run will be, from basin, left 45cm , 90deg bend, 70cm, 90deg bend 110cm, 90deg bend 170cm, 90deg bend 150cm to stack. would this be ok...
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    Timer for electric towel radiator

    I do have separate circuits (off-peak and on-peak) but it is my understanding that between midnight and 7am, both circuits are on the cheaper rate (day rate 35p + vat). I only have space for one towel rail which will have to be connected to the on-peak, hence the timer. If I turn in on when I...
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    Timer for electric towel radiator

    I'm going to put an electric Dimplex towel in my bathroom and would like to to fit a timer so I can make use of economy 7 but still want it installed so I can use it during the day if required. I can't find any on the internet do they exist?
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    Am I allowed to change a double socket

    My wife has just asked why I need an electrician to change my socks. I want to replace a few double sockets with these 4g converters. Thanks.
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    Am I allowed to change a double socket

    I am not an electrician but I have in the re-wired two houses in the past, and would not attempt anything I was not 100% sure of. Am I allowed to change a double sock in a living room or does it have to be done by part p electrician.
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    Help - Can't undo screw

    I have created a my album and added a photo but don't know how to add it here. I have tried both show my images (no photo) and upload new images. Anyway, I have damaged screw head so way way can I undo it now. Thanks
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    Help - Can't undo screw

    Yes, I am trying to disassemble the holder in order to reverse the position of the grub screw. The screw head is a slot & philips combined. I have managed to undo the same type of fitting on robe hook. Camera has just decided not to work. The screw is a cross between a screw and bolt...
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    Help - Can't undo screw

    I need to undo a screw on the back of a toilet roll holder, but it just won't undo. Its a strange type of screw that looks as if it has a washer with teeth (cogs when viewing sideways) but it is one complete screw. I have already broken 5 screwdriver bits. I want to fit the other way round and...
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    data backup

    I tried to backup my PC to an external had drive, which took about 8 hours to copy files but then said you can't use backup as a backup disc could not be created as I do not have a floppy drive. Can I change any setting to it can create a backup CD. I have window XP pro. Thnaks