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    Fixing plaster ruined by damp

    Thanks for your advice - we have now removed all the affected plaster which came off the wall with little more than a gentle push so clearly it was ruined. We are letting this dry and will take your advice and leave this for a while - at least until April/May next year. We have been advised by...
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    Fixing plaster ruined by damp

    Can anyone help me with sorting out damp ruined plaster etc. We have had water leaking in through the side wall of our victorian semi which has saturated the plaster in both our bedroom and the top corner cupboard of our spare room too - this smells incredibly musty, the wallpaper is saturated...
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    Repairing exterior textured coatings

    Hi Can anyone provide any advice on how to repair and maintain exterior textured coatings? Our victorian semi is covered with a cream textured coating - this is generally in good condition however this coating is cracked in two places - inspection suggests that the pointing around two bricks...