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    Heat pumps

    Stats for Norway, they are nearly all air con units, not the air to water the Goverment want everyone to have. In the period 1987 – 2020, almost 1.4 million heat pumps were sold in Norway. Air-to-air approx. 1.25 million Air-to-water over 50,000 Brine-to-water over 55,000 Ventilation heat...
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    Heat pumps

    I looked at this a while back, nearly all installed are air-air. Commonly known over here as air conditioning
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    MDF Plinth question

    Clear silicone, spread it on the cut edge
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    Benjamin Moore which white?

    On their website, Next up is Super White PM-1 or OC-152. This is the Benjamin Moore colour that is most like a standard "Brilliant White" and for that reason is the "go-to" white for most professional painters
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    IMI Eclipse radiator valves

    I’m looking at fitting these on all the radiators in my house. Looking at the settings guide it all seems straightforward. The problem is all my radiators are aluminium. I have been on the Honeywell app for their auto balancing valves (They have settings for aluminium radiators) When you...
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    New boiler + fitting (price check)

    Yes new vertical flue, and new basic control.
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    New boiler + fitting (price check)

    I have just had an Ideal Vogue Max C32 fitted a couple of weeks ago. It replaced a Baxi combi. £2730 Inc VAT. This was by a a Ideal approved fitter so got the 12 year warranty
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    Which wireless home alarm?

    I have just fitted the Ajax wireless alarm to my house. It seems really good and easy to fit.
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    Risco PIR problem

    Just done it on the alarm keypad. Seemed to work ok. My code must be the same as the engineers code as it worked.
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    Risco PIR problem

    Cheers. I will have a go at the weekend
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    Risco PIR problem

    Thanks.. I think it is faulty.. Is there a way to omit the PIR permanently? I can do it on my phone temporarily each time I set the alarm, but my wife can’t do that using her key fob. Thanks John.
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    Risco PIR problem

    No spiders :D and it’s got a new battery in it
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    Risco PIR problem

    Can anyone give any advice? I have a Risco LightSYS 2 alarm. For the last few months one of the wireless PIRs keeps setting the alarm off in the middle of the night. The PIR is in the garage so I thought that could be the problem. I took it off the wall in the garage and brought it into the...
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    Opinions on Risco lightsys2 system?

    I have the Risco app with the lightsy2. It works fine. Never had any problems with it.
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    Tiling and shower tray install

    On mine I took the floor boards up where the shower tray was going. Fitted timber on the sides of the joists to level them up then fitted 18mm ply. On top of that I added 6mm no-more-ply. I also built a stud wall out of 3x2 cls to hide all the pipe work and reduce the room to fit the shower...
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    Tiling and shower tray install

    Don’t use pva for anything... Walls don’t use no-more -ply use Wedi, Jackoboard etc. No need to tank it, just tape joints and screws. For floor don’t use ply, use 6mm no-more-ply or 6mm Hardi backer board
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    Cement render vs plasterboard for tiling?

    My advice is ignore the post above
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    Repairing plasterboard 'honeycomb' stud wall before tiling

    I had the same, I fitted Kerdi board with tile adhesive and cavity fixings over the top of the paramount wall.
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    Shower Tiles and Panel Help

    Bushboard nuance. John..