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    Instant Water Heater with Thermostatic Mixer Shower

    can you tell me waht do did as I want to buy a similar heater and need a good non thermostatic mixer shower.
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    Electric shower or water heater

    [/url] Yes its a good idea, but I thought in terms of space, electrical installation and cost, one more powerful instantaneous electric water heater would be better. But not sure. I think I can use a mixer shower with the latter configuration, but not sure how the final flow rates would...
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    Electric shower or water heater

    However, this is not possible because of the layout of my house. The hot and cold water tanks are not just below, but also in another part of the house and though technically possible to 'transport' the water, it would be incredibly expensive and a major upheaval
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    Electric shower or water heater

    I am installing a shower and basin in a small room at the top of my house, which has mains cold water supply with reasonable pressure but no possibility of hot water from the hot water tank on the floor below. As the cold water tank is also on the floor below I cannot get cold water from this...