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    Building near a storm drain

    Hi, I believe there is a question over what is legally enforceable. Section H.4 (para0.3)of the building regs: Drainage and Waste Disposal refers to 'Building over sewers' and defines Public Sewers as those shown on the 'map of sewers'. This map must be provided by law by the water authority...
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    Architect fees

    I agree actually - a piece of paper does not necessarily mean you are good at your job but I will say I do have to meet some obligations before even putting pen to paper such as conforming to a strict code of conduct for ARB and RIBA, continuining 30 hours of CPD training every year to keep me...
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    Architect fees

    Thanks anyhow for reading my post chaps - I wanted to put the case forward a bit for us architects in a thread that people researching into a domestic extension might read :!: I will risk getting flamed here and say that using a qualified technician is great as long as it is a...
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    Architect fees

    Hello, I am a RIBA chartered Architect and hope I can clarify a bit on this. Firstly, your home is the biggest investment you will ever make and while you don't want to pay more than you have to you also don't want to be 'penny wise pound foolish' in getting the best team together for your...