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    Remove toilet seat fixings

    Hi All Probably something really simple, but I can't work out how to remove this toilet seat fixings (in order to change the seat). There is a metal plate on top - I tried to pry it off but it is pretty tight. At the bottom there is also what seems like a nut on each side which is very tight...
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    Upstairs Bay Window Sagging

    Hi All We have just recently found that our the upstairs bay window seems to be "sagging". The window frame seems to be lifted and there is a gap between the frame and the bottom. There is no gap at the top of the window frame though. Should we be worried - is it likely to be the window...
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    Lead Flashing ?

    Hi All Due to some storm recently and there was some leakage into my attached garage ceiling Got a roofer in and he replaced the felt which had some holes in it . I have also been told that the lead flashing between the garage roof and the house bricks has deteriorated and there are broken...
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    UPVC Front Door Repair and Reinstall

    Hi Our UPVC front door cill/external step has recently been damaged by some buildings works. The builders said they would get someone to replace it but they would need to take out the door , replace the cill and then reinstall the door Can someone familiar with doors please tell me if - It...
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    Myson Pump Seized (Potterton Suprima)

    Thanks for the tips Agile and 45yearsgasman. I will probably look at replacing the pump shortly. To get rid of the black water (sludge) is powerflush necessary ? I have read that it is quite expensive and will be done when changing boilers anyway I try not to spend too much money on this old...
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    Myson Pump Seized (Potterton Suprima)

    Hi All I just moved into a house with a 20 year old conventional central heating system (Potterton Suprima 40L, Hot water cylinder , Cold water tank in the loft, Myson CP53 pump) Last weekend the Myson pump seized causing the boiler to go into lockout everytime it was switched on. After...