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    Laying a solid oak floor on concrete?, help please.

    Hi, In a few weeks time, i will be laying a solid oak floor (T&G) onto a concrete floor, whats the best way of doing this?. What type of underlay is best and Do I glue the boards together and not to the floor. Any info or links would be appreciated. :D thanks
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    Noisy cold water pipes?????

    hi all, I had a new boiler fitted at the end of last year. Over the last couple of months, when we flush the toilet, the cold water pipe makes a horrible noise :cry: . You can make it worse by turning the cold water tap on. It only lasts as long as it takes to fill the cistern, then it goes...
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    Help on a Ravenheat 820/20 PLEASE

    Thanks Chris, Not sure how to remove address?.
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    Help on a Ravenheat 820/20 PLEASE

    Thanks guy's, Hope to have a look at it later today. Regards, Mark
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    Help on a Ravenheat 820/20 PLEASE

    Hi, Could anyone mail me any diagrams/service manual for a ravenheat 820/20. The problem this morning :- no hot water and an cooked electrical smell from the boiler. :( I haven't had chance to have a look at it yet, as I had to go out. Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful...