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    Quote for new wooden sash windows - reasonable?

    I was quoted £330 per window for refurb in Glasgow. According to the guy's sales pitch, the majority of the heat loss is caused by gaps round the windows rather than because of the single glazing. He said that although it's possible to double glaze them it isn't easy or as aethesitcly pleasing...
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    2mm window draught

    3mm is thicker than 2mm :? But as the homes above says, the secondary glazing film is very good, just don't over shrink it or it'll pull off from the corners where it's taped and become visibly crinkled and look awful. Also, when removing the tape it'll likely peel off the paint...
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    Bay Window Draughts - A Few Questions

    Personally I'd fill the gaps with suitably coloured wood filler that matches the rest of the window formation. Draughts would be blocked in a couple of minutes and without further damage to the wood by drilling.
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    Replacing Boiler

    As above if your switching from a gravity system to a pressurised system it could affect your pipework, and thus spring leaks. I'd replace it all personally.
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    toilet waste

    Sorry to highjack your thread OP, but I have a similar question, and this will save me starting a new thread when all the experts are congregating in here anyway 8) I want to rearrange my bathroom, and shift the bath to the back wall (so the ends are between walls 1 and 2), and shift the...
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    Efficiency of old boilers

    How much of a difference would a service make to an old boiler's efficiency, say if it had not been done in over 10 years and was burning with more than a slight tinge of yellow
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    DAB Heating Pump making loud humm, help please !!!

    :shock: Good riddance to bad rubbish!
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    how to drain radiator

    Is it possible to drain a full system like this? And if so, one would presume the boiler (hot water) should be off? Although in that case how would the water in the system that is below the radiator be pushed out, if not by the pump on the heating system? I can't find the drain valve/tap on...
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    Have I Gone Overboard-Pipe Sizes

    My flow and return pipes appear to be 8mm, is this a bad thing? I'm in the process of replacing two radiators, one column and one 'normal', both of circa 9,500 BTU.
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    which radiators?

    How about the following match: Stelrad v De Longhi v Myson Which should win?
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    Replacing radiators - numerous problems

    Cheers. I did open the bleed valves yeah. Radiator is now removed, awaiting a new one in it's place. Now I'm just wondering the practicalities of installing one of a slightly different size; I'm not too sure about fiddling with the feed pipes under the floor - there's not too much slack on the...
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    Replacing radiators - numerous problems

    The pic is indeed the boiler; what I think is the drain valve is on the mid left, as seen here (not the best pic admittedly, I'll replace it in daylight): I believe the radiator is cast iron, under a good few coats of thick paint though. Not sure why that matters?
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    Replacing radiators - numerous problems

    Looking to replace a radiator, but I'm unable to find the drain valve on the system - there was nothing on the pipes in the vicinity of the boiler, and the rest of the pipework is under the floors. Question number 1: Could the drain valve be on the boiler itself? See pic: This is above...
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    Tiling over old fashioned 'plastic' wall tiles?

    I have a grotty little bathroom with walls covered in what appears to be sheets of 9 melamine tiles, or similar. I want an easy tiling job - can I just spank on new ceramic tiles right over the top, or is this asking for trouble? Is tile paint a possibility?
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    Bathroom Wooden panelling and tiles

    Why has he edited his posts
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    Painting kitchen unit doors

    I wouldn't have thought of that, cheers big ears!
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    Painting over water-damaged ceiling

    You might even get away with just the damp proofer with no need to paint
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    Painting over water-damaged ceiling

    A coat of damp proofer and then one of white paint should have that covered up no probs
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    Painting kitchen unit doors

    Whats the practice here? Is it 'ok' to do this? I'm thinking of selling my flat soon, and don't want to go to the expense of replacing all the cupboard doors in a fairly large kitchen, but something has to be done because they are defo past their best. They're glossy looking white, or at...