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    Will a MCB protect my additional circuit.

    I have taken an image but do not know how to post it to this forum. If you could let me know you email i could send it direct?? It is a fairly old system, but was upgraded about 7 years ago when the original shower was fitted and the kitchen overhauled. There is gas in the house but way at...
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    Will a MCB protect my additional circuit.

    Moved into an old terraced property recently and want to add an additional 9.5 KW Instant water heater for remote en-suite. I've chosen an instant heater as it will supply both shower and hand basin with hot water. The existing supply is through a 60 Amp fuse and the meter tails feed 2 fuse...
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    Instant water heater

    Want to fit a 12KW instant water heater to service 2 en-suites. Is 10mm cable sufficient? , the length is about 10m. What size MCB should I fit, the house master fuse is a 60 AMP, and I do not want to overload it if the cooker (electric is on) when this 12KW heater is switched on.